Memorial Day Game And Party Ideas

soldier saluting flag - remember our troops this Memorial DayMemorial Day commemorates those who have fought and died as well as those who are still fighting for freedom. With many of our friends, sons and daughters oversees this year, it is important to to remember our men and women around the world by honoring them with a special family ceremony by lowering the flag at half mast. Say a prayer for them and their safe return to our shores. Undoubtedly, you will be celebrating Memorial Day by having a barbeque at your home. As most of us will have the day off with our families, here are some Memorial Day game ideas to make this day even more enjoyable.

  • Play a game of touch football with family and friends
  • Get out those kite kits and have everyone make their own kite. It would be wonderful if you can have kites with American flags soaring upon the treetops.
  • If you have permission to have your barbeque at your local park; bring along the baseball gear and have a quick five inning game.
  • If you’re at the park, have a relay race
  • Get those board games out such as trivia or monopoly.
  • Play charades
  • Get out the music and play musical chairs
  • Play word games, such as naming a state for every letter of the alphabet
  • Play pin the tail on the donkey
  • Put on CDs wherein you can sing along to patriotic music

There are a variety of Memorial Day game ideas you can come up with besides the ones mentioned here. More importantly, remember to attend the in your town or city. The importance of this day will have more meaning for most people than ever before. As you enjoy the day, think about its meaning.

While there are families across this nation who may not want to participate in games for obvious reasons, perhaps as an act of kindness you can pay a visit to families in your area who have lost a son or daughter. Surely, having you there and showing how much you care may lift them up, at least for a little while. Perhaps you may even wish to invite them over to your barbeque. While Memorial Day game ideas may be a way to distract anyone from worrying about their loved ones; maybe talking about it may help as well.

If you need some Memorial Day party ideas, here are a few which may make this day a special one:

Have a barbeque and buy special invitations for the event, such as an [tag-tec]American flag[/tg-tec] or a photograph of a soldier. Ask each family member and friends to bring a special dish. Use the red, white and blue theme throughout the day. Set your table with red, white and blue napkins, cups, tablecloths and utensils to mark the occasion. Place red, white and blue streamers on the backyard fence or patio. Blow up red, white and blue balloons to enhance the festivities. Place red, white and blue candles on the table. Ask everyone to dress in these same colors. Play music appropriate to the day, such as John Philip Sousa’s CD! To top things off, bake a white cake and decorate it with red and blue icing. Don’t forget to put the little flag on top!

If the weather is accommodating, you may also want to gather the group together to attend the Memorial Day parade in your local town or city. This would be a wonderful way to show support for our troops. Everyone could wear their Memorial Day hats and cheer as the bands and armed forces walk by.

Another great idea is to have a sing along to all of the great songs made famous in Yankee Doodle Dandy. If one of your friends or family members has a portable piano, ask them to bring it along.

While Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, it is a time of reflection as well.
Before you end the night’s festivities, stop and say a prayer for all of our men and women in uniform. Give thanks for the freedom we enjoy due to their courage and patriotism.

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