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You can’t go wrong sponsoring More4kids.

Last year More4kids had over 1 million visits to our site. While not the largest parenting website we have a good following with very wholesome content. It provides a great way to advertise and gain increased brand recognition by partnering with us.

More4kids, even though we are a technically a for profit organization,  is not about making a profit, but more about helping parents and families through education and support. Funds we have been making have gone straight back into our site and our content to help families around the world.

When you partner with More4kids you will get exposure to an audience that spans all ‘life stages’ of parenting, from expected parents, new parents and the more experienced seasoned parents. Plus, because of the way we have organized our site, your campaigns can target each one of these ‘life stages’ of parenting.

Currently we are receiving thousands of page-views a day and are in the top 10 on many search engines for popular terms such as “Parenting Websites“. Simply Google “Parenting Websites” and check out what sites are on top! For the extremely competitive keyword ‘Parenting’ we are near the top 10 in Google. As of 2023 we are around position 5.

Multiple Flexible Formats available.

Here are some creative sizes available:

  • Horizontal Skyscraper Top of Page or Bottom 728 × 90)
  • Horizontal 428 × 60 (content sponsorship only)
  • Square 300 × 250 (upper right below the nav bar
  • Vertical 120 × 240 (various positions in sidebar)
  • Skyscraper 160 × 600 Far Right Sidebar
  • Button 120 × 60 (various positions on website)

Content Sponsorships

Content partner will get maximum exposure on our site, that is why we will limit it to 1 per section of our site (pregnancy, baby names directory, parenting, baby, education or health). The content sponsor will get one ad on each of these sections directly above the beginning of the article. The ad space will be 428 x 60.

Other opportunities for content sponsorship include mentions in our educational eBooks we give out for free, such as our very Popular one, “How Kids Learn” which we give out free to everyone who signs up for our newsletter.

Content Advertising or Sponsorship’s range from $500 to 100,000. We only allow one Sponsor at the $100,000 level. Price sheets available upon request.

Social Media Community

Currently on Twitter we have a following of over 30000 followers –>
On Facebook we have over 50,000 followers –>
We recently started our Instagram page in 2023 and have over 78,000 followers –>

We are extremely selective about who we promote on our social sites and will limit ads to 1 a day.

What we pride our self on being a little different. Along with ‘standard’ advertising we are more than happy to go ‘outside’ the box and customize an advertising program. Based on a corporations budget and needs we will work out a unique package just for you.

For more information contact us below and include a phone number, email, the type of advertising, and budget. We only allow advertising and sponsorship from family oriented sites or products.  After filling out our form below you will be contacted by one of our representatives to help find the right ad campaign for you.

Price sheets available upon request.

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