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Award Winning Children’s and Parenting Magazines

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Faces Kids Magazine Faces Magazine
FACES Kids Magazine brings articles about the cultures of the world to the mailboxes of kids 9-14. Each issue focuses on a different culture- from Laos to Morocco to Jamaica.

Kids Sports Illustrated Magazine Sports Illustrated Kids
Sports Illustrated Kids is a sports magazine for kids ages 8-15 from the publishers of Sports Illustrated magazine.

Girls World
Girls’ World Magazine, a magazine for girls ages 7-11, is designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, recipes, and party ideas. Girls’ World also sprinkles in young stars with age-appropriate content – all in a fun, whimsical presentation.
National Geographic Childrens Magazine National Geographic Kids
Award winning magazine that combines learning with fun. Exciting articles on wildlife, earth, sea, and sky; plus challenging puzzles, games, and scientific experiments, for kids 8 & up!

Boys Life Teen Magazine Subscription Boy’s Life
Boy’s Life is an award-winning publication for adventuresome boys between the ages of 7 and 17. Cover to cover, this magazine is dedicating to providing young readers with a rich blend of education and entertainment. With a focus on nature, Boy’s Life offers helpful hints and tips on the various aspects of scouting and camping. The magazine provides readers with information on badges and how to best handle various scouting activities and events. Boy’s Life is an intriguing publication that features articles on science, sports, hobbies and more. Every issue is filled with riveting short fiction and engaging poetry, along with articles lending advice to boys on the topics most relevant to their lives. With vivid photographs and features on the outdoors, history, and more, Boy’s Life is an enlightening magazine that captures the adventuresome spirit of male youth.

Kids Magazine - Highlights Highlights
Highlights is a children’s magazine designed for ages 6-12 that works to inspire and entertain children while helping them develop critical thinking capabilities, social skills, and more!

Sesame Street Magazine Sesame Street
Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all of the other Muppets in the new Sesame Street magazine! Each issue of Sesame Street is full of stories, activities, games, science fun, a workbook, collectible poster, plus much more. For boys and girls ages 3 to 6.

High Five Young Kids Magazine Hightlights High Five
Highlights High Five is a children’s magazine for preschoolers and kindergartners ages 2-6. It’s a fun, easy-to-read educational tool full of a variety of stories and learning activities that children and parents can enjoy together. Full of colorful photos and drawings, recipes, crafts and games, this is the perfect magazine celebrating early childhood!

Trasher Boys Magazine Thrasher
The Bible of teen culture with coverage of skateboarding, snowboarding, modern music and alternative activities for the youth of today. Each issue is packed with color photos, interviews, profiles, artwork, fiction, contest coverage, photo sequences, spot checks, fashion tips and insider gossip.

BYOU Teen Girl Magazine Be Your Own You
BYOU ‘Be Your Own You!’ Magazine is the premier provider of self-esteem messaging that empowers girls ages 7-14 to ‘Be Your Own You,’ building confidence, inner beauty awareness, and encouragement to make a positive difference in today’s world. Through entertainment and education, we highlight tween/teen celebrity role models and ‘real’ girls who are making a positive impact, teach fun ways to build self-esteem, and offer tips, quizzes, projects, contests, puzzles, jokes, & more. Timely topics about the challenges girls face today are addressed, such as bullying and body image, with advice to stay empowered in navigating this vulnerable age. BYOU readers are excited, intrigued, challenged, involved, educated, supported, inspired, and entertained…and the best part? Moms approve! Parents, educators, girls’ organizations, and the like give BYOU Magazine a big thumbs up!

Girls Life Girls’ Life
In this award-winning magazine, females aged eight to 14 can find articles about the things that matter the most to them.Girls’ Life offers advice about friends and families, invites its young readers to find pen pals, and explores popular culture through celebrity interviews and fashion stories.

Seventeen Teen Magazine for Girls Seventeen
To most teenage girls, Seventeen is as essential as the telephone and lip-gloss. With its up-to-the-minute advice on beauty, fashion, fitness, relationships, school and careers, it’s vital reading. Each issue includes fiction, celebrity interviews, music, movie and TV coverage, plus topical issues of personal and global interest.

M Magazine M Magazine
M is a very cool publication for “tweens” that helps them keep up with all their favorite hot celebrities and people in the know. The Magazine covers young actors from movies and television and musicians from all the hip teen bands. They really do engage the young reader on their level as they dream about their favorite Hollywood stars. The posters alone are worth the price of the subscription, so don’t delay, get them the magazine they’ll enjoy today.

Young Titans Teen Titans
The next generation of superheroes- Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl- are tutored by Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy as they face foes old and new. The inspiration for the Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans animated series, this is a more serious take on some of comics’ most popular teen heroes.

chicka Dee chickaDEE
Chickadee is a lively “hands-on” magazine that combines fun and learning to help kids ages 6-9 explore their world. Each issue includes puzzles, mazes, games, crafts, animal facts, simple experiments and more!

Discovery Girls Discovery Girls
Created for and by girls ages 7-12! Discovery Girls kids magazine celebrates girls’ uniqueness and inspires them to believe in Themselves. “Real” girls model, write for, and help create DG. With articles on school challenges, inspiring stories, fashion and more.

Owl is the “discovery” magazine designed for kids 9 and up that enlightens, entertains and explores the world with science features, intriguing puzzles, safe experiments, mazes, games, brain-bogglers, contests and more!

Parent and Child Parent and Child
A resource to help today’s parents play an active role in their child’s development.

Disney Princess girls magazine DISNEY Princess
Disney Princess is a young girls’ magazine with loads of fairytale fun featuring classic princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel, as well as all the new favorites like Tiana, Rapunzel and, of course, Anna and Elsa.

Ranger Rick Ranger Rick
The award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation makes learning about the natural world WILD FUN! Each issue is packed with everything kids love. Amazing animals, photos, fun facts, crafts, puzzles and more! Includes Junior Membership in the National Wildlife Federation. Suitable for children 7 & up.

Zoo Books Zoobooks
Published for kids that love nature and animals, Zoobooks is a classic and fun educating tool. The magazine’s pages are filled with colorful photographs of animals found throughout the world—from the backyard to an exotic safari. Each issue features diagrams and descriptions of different animal species, enabling children to get familiar with the critters of the world. Zoobooks provides young readers with fun, interactive activities like word fill-ins, contests and puzzles that are sure to engage and challenge your child. With simply-written articles accompanied by beautiful illustrations, Zoobooks caters to the curious minds of children and encourages them to think critically about their surroundings.

chirp for young kids Chirp
Chirp is a magazine that celebrates the joy of reading and learning. Published for preschoolers ages 3 to 6, the magazine encourages young readers to explore every aspect of life with a primary focus on learning about animals and nature as well as family and friends. Chirp magazine caters specifically to this tender age-group because its expert editorial staff knows what a highly-influential, important stage this is in the formation of young minds. Within the pages of Chirp magazine, you’ll find games and crafts, read-aloud stories and engaging illustrations that serve to provide interactive fun for beginning readers. Every issue is filled with stories and pictures that are sure to pique your child’s interest and have them learning every step of the way. This magazine provides tons of stories and jokes that reflect the energy and humor of kids. With age-appropriate puzzles and content, Chirp magazine serves as a comforting companion for curious young minds as they discover their surrounding world.

Jack and Jill Young Kids Magazine Jack And Jill
This is the complete publication for kids aged six to twelve. With Jack and Jill, your child can lose himself in creative games and crafts, find a hero in biographies of famous people, or consider the world we live in through news articles written just with him or her in mind. This award-winning magazine stimulates young minds and imaginations. Creative, inventive, and fun, this magazine will delight and amuse the kids for hours on end.

Thomas and Friends Magazine Thomas & Friends
The popular children’s book characters based on the Railway Series by The Rev. W. Audry come to life in this entertaining magazine for children aged three to seven. Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends also features stories, coloring and counting activities, and puzzles, which will enchant youngsters and help them learn.

Preschool Friends Young Kids Magazine Preschool Friends
Preschool Friends (formerly Preschool Playroom magazine)combines learning, laughter, playtime, and fun in one kid-friendly package! Join Curious George, Scooby Doo, Clifford Puppy Days, Yo Gabba Gabba, Bob the Builder, Arthur, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, and other favorite friends for early-learning fun in this great magazine! Each issue contains stories, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities that are designed to encourage the skills needed to succeed in school while having fun with their favorite characters. Published bi-monthly, this magazine is designed for children aged 3 to 8.

Scooby Doo Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo is a publication dedicated to the popular Saturday morning animated television show. Although the tales of Scooby Doo began in the 1970s, the adventures of Scooby and his gang continue today on TV and through this entertaining, interactive comic-book style magazine. Dedicated to young readers, you’ll find tons of colorful, wildly fun animated pictures detailing the mysteries and escapades of Scooby Doo. Dive into an issue and you’ll find yourself constantly guessing what’s coming next for your favorite canine character and his cartoon friends. With special holiday features and issues offering children hours of fun, it is clear that Scooby Doo comics are not going anywhere for years to come.

Ranger Rick Childrens Magazine Ranger Rick JR – Your Big Backyard
This award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation nurtures young children’s natural attraction to animal’s into a lifelong love of reading and learning. Designed to draw children closer to nature while helping develop early reading skills! Includes monthly parent’s section. For pre-schoolers ages 3-7.

Zootles is a children’s publication created to inspire the growth of young minds aged 2-6 years old. The publication uses the rich world of animals to promote education through a featured specie in every issue. Zootles includes beautiful photography, colorful illustrations, and playful caricatures. Adults can utilize the easy-to-understand text to provoke an active learning environment for the children. The magazine also offers “Fun Pages,” which are filled with games, stories, puzzles, and activities to promote education that your youngster will love! Zootles provides little children a fun resource for learning through the wonderfully entertaining world of wildlife.

This award-winning children’s magazine includes stories, puzzles, art, science experiments, Q & As, hidden pictures, and other interactive features that will inspire preschoolers and bring them hours of educational enjoyment. Turtle teaches kids about health, safety and nutrition while entertaining them.

Kids Discover
Kids Discover is a publication that is dedicated to helping children between the ages of 6 to 12 become better learners. Kids Discover is filled with pictures, graphs, drawings and articles that are designed to stimulate young readers’ minds. Kids Discover combines visual stimulation, such as color photographs or illustrations, with kid-friendly text to engage children in an effective and fun way. Each issue focuses on a single topic in social studies or science, and designs the rest of the magazine’s content around that focus. With compelling content covering information that goes beyond the classroom, Kids Discover is an essential and enjoyable learning tool for children. Articles are accessible but just challenging enough, and the magazine’s photographs and maps are interactive and great for school projects. With high-impact photographs that enhance the text and articles, Kids Discover is designed to teach and inspire young readers in a fun and interactive way.

Looney Tunes
Timeless animated Warner Bros. characters featureed in this Looney Tunes Comic book series published by DC Comics 12 times a year. These comics feature stories for avid fans and will introduce new young readers to comic books. Each issue includes a few pages of fun activities too.

Kiwi Magazine
Kiwi Magazine is dedicated to offering parents all of the information they need in order to provide their children with the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible. This publication includes an abundance of advice and suggestions on how parents can make the best, educated decisions. One of Kiwi’s primary goals is to introduce families to the most recent in living organically and going green. Topics included in every issue of the magazine are nutritious food choices, family wellness tips, practical travel destinations, environmental education projects, and social responsibility for the neighborhood and the greater society.

Additude is the premier publication dedicated specifically for people living with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. This magazine serves as an important tool for teachers, parents, and individuals meeting the everyday challenges of this disability. Additude is an essential resource for coping with and solving issues related to ADD and ADHD, and offers a wealth of trustworthy, medical-based information through articles and news pieces. Each issue features straightforward, practical advice on how to manage ADD/ADHD in a variety of settings and situations. You’ll find articles on various topics, such as dealing with the side-effects of medication and alternative therapies that are available. Additude is published for all age groups, as editors and medical journalists know that ADD and ADHD affect children, teens and adults throughout the world. Whether you are struggling with the challenges of Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder or simply want to stay in the loop when it comes to managing the disability, Additude is the ultimate resource for up-to-date research and developments in the field.

Parent & Child
Parent & Child Magazine is a heart-felt publication that is dedicated to “the joy of family living and learning.” Every issue offers readers a plethora of articles with the goal of helping busy parents maximize the joy of their family, the success of their careers, and the growth of their children through the crucial developmental years of 0-12. Parent & Child fills its pages with content on topics including health, happiness, nutrition, fashion, travel, community and more. The editorial team hopes to offer ideas, tips, and suggestions to make the most of time spent with your family and children, with featured recipes, activities, and learning tools. Parent & Child Magazine also knows that the key to being a good parent is being a happy parent, so many of the articles focus on adults’ needs and pastimes as well. Brought to you by the well-respected and reliable Scholastic learning company, you can be sure that Parent & Child will deliver a quality product in every copy.


FamilyFun magazine is for parents with children ages three to twelve. Family Fun is an idea book for all the exciting things families can do together. FamilyFun is the essential information source, offering creative activities, party plans, family travel, and learning projects.

Working Mother
If you’re a busy, overworked mom, then Working Mother Magazine provides solace and guidance to guide you through the jungle of responsibilities. Each issue includes humor articles, service pieces and other stories that pertain to the dilemma of working mothers.