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A Few Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Young Daughter

Halloween is a little over a month away. It is especially fun for small girls to dress up for Halloween, especially because there are many costume ideas to choose from. Here are a few ideas...

halloween-costumes.jpgHalloween is a little over a month away. Autumn is a fun season for little ones, because it means going on hayrides, painting pumpkins, and of course dressing up for Halloween. It is especially fun for small girls to dress up for Halloween, especially because there are many costume ideas to choose from.


Toddler Girls Love to Have Their Face Painted

Moms, do you remember back when you went to a fair or a theme park. Chances are, you liked getting your face painted, and little girls are the same way. There are many wonderful face painting kits that you can choose from either in the children’s section of your local book store, a costume shop, or online.

These kits come with instructions as to how you can paint your daughters face just as good as the professionals. You can do something as basic as a cheek design, or you can paint the child’s entire face. Thus, have your little girl choose the design she likes best, and start painting!

Toddler Girls Love to Play Dress Up

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for girls, you have several options as to how extreme you would like to go. You can take the simple route, by tying some festive ribbons in her hair and having her wear something in autumn colors. Or, you can take more of a decorative route by dressing her up in full costume.

A full costume idea you can choose for your daughter is to dress her in the manner of a Disney princess. Three of the most popular Disney princesses are Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Each of the Disney princess costumes can be nicely accessorized. For the Cinderella costume, get a pair of long white gloves and a tiara. For Snow White, get a little basket that can double as a trick-or-treating bag. For Belle, have your daughter wear a pretty locket and curl her hair.

If you are skillful in sewing, you can make a princess dress for your child. If you choose this option, save it as a keepsake from one of your child’s early Halloweens. Of course, if you cannot sew, you can just as easily purchase a nice princess dress from a local costume store.

As toddler girls move from infancy to being a toddler, and beyond, they begin to want to start playing dress up, which is perhaps the most favored form of playing throughout a young girl’s life. Halloween is all about dressing up, so no doubt your toddler girl will delight in the opportunity, and picking out or making the perfect costome with Mommy will make it extra special and fun.



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