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Planning a Halloween Party for your little ghouls and their friends? Try out some of these fun activities your kids will be sure to enjoy...


Are you planning on a Halloween Party for your little ghouls and their friends? Here are some ideas your kids will be sure to enjoy!

Bobbing for Apples: The classic Halloween party game is bobbing for apples. To make it creepier, peel the apples and call it bobbing for brains or carve faces into them.

Bowls of Goo: Another classic is the “Guess What You’re Feeling” game where you fill various bowls with food items like peeled grapes and call them eyeballs, spaghetti becomes guts, and pumpkin guts are brains.

To add a competitive spin on the games add three marbles into each bowl of goo and challenge the kids to find the eyeballs with their feet!

Guessing Game: Fill a jar with candy corn and ask children to write down their guess on how many pieces of candy are in the jar. Winners get the jar!

Games to get them riled up!

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  • Scavenger hunts for creepy items. Print out a list ahead of time, or if the children are very young print out a list of pictures, and send the children around the house and yard searching for their items. Pair them up and the first team back wins a special prize.
  • Have children move jello, popcorn, or even cotton balls from a bowl on one side of the room to a bowl on the other side of the room. The first team to fill their bowl wins. Tip: If you’re planning on doing this game with food like jello, which is tons of fun, make sure you do it outside so that you don’t end up with a slippery floor.
  • Dance contest
  • Make your own monster movie contest
  • Pumpkin carving contest (for older kids)
  • Pumpkin painting (for younger kids). Check out our popular article on pumpkin painting from last year.
  • Haunted house (this involves a bit of preparation and consideration of the age of the attendees.) Choose a room or series of rooms to darken and decorate. Gather family members or neighbors to help out with the haunting. The following are some props that you can build yourself to make your haunted house the best one on the block:
    • Coffins, tombstones and walls can all be created from cardboard boxes.
    • Skeletons and bones can be bought for less than $10 at your local dollar store or Halloween specialty store. You can also make them with clay or paper mache.
    • Monster cage can be created easily with PVC pipe and cardboard boxes.
    • Bats and spiders can be made with paper, black socks, felt and much more. Cut out shapes and hang them with black thread or fishing line.
    • Mazes can be made from boxes and/or PVC piping and sheets. Mazes make it easy to create hiding places for scary props and people.
    • Dinner anyone? Create a meal fit for a monster by placing a stuffed mask on a small table (Severed head) and setting the table for a meal. You can even place a monster at the table ready to dine.
    • Spooky pictures can be created by buying cheap frames or making them yourself. You can place real heads behind the frames or print out scary pictures and frame them.
    • Glow in the dark paint creates a fantastic effect. You can also find glow in the dark stickers, chalk, and more.
    • Hire a witch or dress up a family member and invite them to stir their cauldron and cackle to their hearts content.
    • Hidden effects offer great surprises. You can hide props where people least expect them, like behind the bathroom door. You can stuff panty hose, place a shoe on them and have a leg sticking out of a closet or cupboard.
  • Hay rides are also great events that take a little extra preparation. If you have the space and means to provide a hay ride, they can be a fantastic outdoor excursion. Of course you’ll also need to have a plan B in the event of rain.
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