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Parenting Tips for Raising Girls

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Sometimes Parenting a girl becomes a bit challenging. It's important that you raise your daughter to be confident and successful. Here are a few Parenting Tips to help.

In the beginning, girls are usually the ones that talk early, become involved socially, and do well in school. However, as they grow older, sometimes parenting a girl becomes a bit more challenging. Many parents feel that early on girls are easier to raise, but there are challenges coming as they hit those preteen and teen years. With many expectations on them, various signals from society, and a lot of social pressure, things often become more difficult for girls as they get a bit older. It’s important that you raise your daughter to be confident and successful in a world that still often makes it more difficult for women to achieve success. To effectively parent your daughter, here are some excellent parenting tips that can help you along the way.

Parenting Tip #1 – Encourage Your Daughter to Have a Healthy Body Image

Probably one of the most important parenting tips for raising girls to keep in mind is to encourage your daughter to have a healthy body image. As girls grow older, often body image becomes a problem, especially with the way that models are altered to look almost perfect today. This can cause a lot of pressure on girls as they grow up, leading to problems like bulimia and even anorexia, sometimes the problem can get to a point where you’ll need to find an inpatient eating disorder treatment. Teaching them to have a good body image while they are young and reinforcing it as they grow older can help. Compliment your daughter, praising her appearance. If she asks if she is beautiful, enthusiastically tell her, “Yes!” It’s also a good idea to let your teenage daughter realize that the models in magazines are digitally altered and that no woman can really reach this perfection without an airbrush. Let your daughter know that perfection is not a real definition of beautiful.

Parenting Tip #2 – Provide Your Daughter with a Good Example and Good Role Models

Another great tip is to provide your daughter with a good example yourself, as well as other good role models. Moms, daughters are going to look to you and they will learn from your attitudes and actions. Embrace your body and show pride in being a woman. Don’t criticize yourself or you will pass that attitude to your daughter. Dads need to show respect to women as well as equality. Of course, while being a good example as a parent is important, girls also need other women role models in their lives. Help them find great role models in strong women that are successful, whether friends, family members, or even famous women well known for being strong women. Enrolling your daughter in an all girls catholic school in her formative years may also help her have good role models.

Parenting Tip #3 – Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with your daughter is important as well. She needs some time just with her parents. Work to bond with your daughter young, which can help to keep communication open as she grows older. Let her know that she can discuss anything with you. Really get to know your daughter and find out those things that make her unique. As you spend time together, you’ll build a relationship that lasts, which is definitely important.

Parenting Tip #4 – Don’t Pressure Your Daughter to Fit In

It’s important that you avoid pressuring your daughter to fit in when it comes to social realms. As they go through adolescence, girls often feel different. Allow them to feel comfortable with themselves, even if they are different. Don’t make them feel like they have to fit into societies ideals. You can do this by helping to redirect their energy to activities that are positive, such as drama, sports, music, or even religious activities.

Parenting Tip #5 – Help Them Develop Self Worth

You need to help your daughters develop self worth as you are raising them as well. Let her know how special and unique she is. When she gets good grades, applaud her. Compliment her successes in sports. Try to focus on successes instead of picking at the failures. Remember that every child is different, and the accomplishments she has may not be what you envisioned for her when she was young. No matter what her goals are or what her strong points may be, help her realize how important she is to you. Teaching your daughters self worth now will help them avoid destructive relationships in the future.

Parenting Tip #6 – Encourage Her to Be Independent

Sometimes parents tend to coddle their girls or even spoil them. It’s often even tougher to let little girls grow up. However, an important thing you need to do, especially with your daughters, is encourage them to be independent. Make sure that you prepare her so she can handle the things that life will inevitably throw at her. Encourage her while she’s young to stand on her own two feet, which will help her become a strong and independent young woman that will make you proud.

Parenting Tip #7 – Avoid Traditional Stereotypes

Last, it’s so important that you avoid traditional stereotypes as you raise your daughter. Society often has stereotypes for women, such as they won’t like math, or they’ll be bad at doing fractions. Do not every allow these stereotypes to hold your daughter back. Allow her to be involved in many activities, even those that may not be traditional activities for girls. If she wants to get involved in sports, allow her too. If she thinks she may want to be involved in a career that is not a traditional one for women, support her. Don’t allow traditional stereotypes to hold your daughter back, so don’t even let them creep into your family in any way.

Raising girls is not always easy. It has many challenging moments, just as raising boys can be challenging too. Realize that your daughter is an individual and raise her that way. Keep these parenting tips in mind as well to make sure you raise your daughter to be a strong, healthy, and graceful woman who has a bright future ahead of her.

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  • Awesome tips! I especially liked giving them positive role models and not pressuring them to fit in. That is so important, especially in our society today. Thanks for sharing!

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