by Stacey Schifferdecker

All siblings fight—that’s just a fact of life. And sibling rivalry can have positive consequences when it teaches children how compromise, negotiate, and solve conflicts. But when sibling rivalry crosses the line and become bullying, as it does for 30% or children and adolescents, parents need to intervene.

Sibling Bullying,  fighting or just teasing?
“But Mom, I was just teasing!”

This may be the phrase you hear when you intervene in a bullying situation. What is the difference between teasing and bullying?

• In bullying, a stronger, more powerful person purposely hurts or frightens a smaller or weaker person. One child is in control and is consistently hurting another child, who feels helpless to stop the situation.
• When someone bullies, they intend to do harm. Teasing is intended to be playful (but can turn into bullying if it lasts too long, ends up being harmful, or one person is no longer having fun).
• Bullying is persistent while teasing can be an on-again, off-again thing.

The basic rule of thumb is this: Behavior that would be unacceptable between two unrelated children is unacceptable between siblings. READ More on Sibling Bullying Or Sibling Rivalry?

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Firstrung, UK – 8 hours ago
The Respect Areas will share ?6m from the Department for Education and Skills to run the parenting classes. Among the 40 authorities are Birmingham City ….
Blair unveils 'respect areas' Monsters and
?250000 boost for new Respect area This is Bradford
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Parenting can be fun, facilitator observes (Marshall Democrat-News)

22 Jan 2007 at 4:18pm

Parenting not only can be fun but should be fun — and when it is, it's better for parents and children alike. That idea is at the heart of the "Love and Logic" approach to parenting that Nancy Kleinschmidt advocates.

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Is your child getting enough exercise? If she isn’t exercising at all, you should take steps to change that today. Exercise is important to your children’s health. Here are more reasons why your child benefits from a regular exercise routine:

1. Exercise reduces the risk of obesity. If your child participates in a regular exercise program, her chances of becoming obese are dramatically reduced. An active child means a healthier child. READ More on Benefits Of Exercise And Your Child

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More and more men are taking their role as daddy very seriously. There are many Internet sites dedicated to new fathers and helping them to navigate through the challenges. Member sites just for new dads are filling up quickly and daddy’s rush from work to attend their child’s nursery school event or soccer game. Never before has there been such an interest in hands on parenting in new fathers. As a new father for the second time, I feel it is very important to bond and interact with your child early on. READ More on Fatherhood – Bonding With Your Child

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NEW: Spanking ban bill ignites parenting debate – Mercury-Register

19 Jan 2007 at 9:27pm NEW: Spanking ban bill ignites parenting debate
Mercury-Register, CA – 30 minutes ago
Offenders could face up to a year in jail or up to a $1000 fine, though first-time violators would probably only have to attend parenting classes. ….
Anti-Spanking Legislation to Hit Sacramento Next Week KSBY
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Baby yourself: Just say no to parenting (The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

19 Jan 2007 at 1:54am

Parenting: A terminal illness?

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Every child is different, and develop at different rates. I just look at my sons and can tell the difference instantly. It is important to not judge your children diiferently just because one may develop faster or slow than the other, or try to judge your child based on something read in a book or magazine. They are general guidelines. A judgement or inadvertant comment may hurt a child emotionally.  Toddler development is something that every parent is concerned with, whether they are first time parents or veterans. A problem arises when parents become obsessed with toddler development, and begin to analyze their children’s development too closely. Such scrutiny can result in undue concern and anxiety, and the magic of watching their child grow and develop is lost. There are numerous publications designed to help parents track their toddler’s development, but they should be used only as a guide, since everyone develops at a different rate. READ More on Your Toddlers Development

Whether or now you are a working mom, organizing your home can be a very daunting task.. Even if daily or weekend cleaning is your strong suit, it seems the harder you work, the more clutter you find, and the more out of control things can get, especially if you have children. Here are a few quick tips to help organize your home.READ More on One, Two, Three Tidy! Some Quick Tips For an Organized Home

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