by Dr. Caron Goode

Learning to play has two more stages which can extend into six years of age (See previous article "Teaching Kids to Share").

1, Sharing may begin in this stage of . With associate play, children engage in separate activities but can exchange toys or explore each other’s area. Sometimes it appears as if kids are dancing around one another, exploring the environment. Curiosity and budding self-awareness motivate this activity, not sharing. However, parents may see it as the first stages of sharing before toys exchange hands. READ More on Sharing And Growing As A Preschooler

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

If only parenting were just the way we imagine it before ever having kids! “My kids will never do that,” we say when we see a two-year-old melting down in the grocery store or a twelve-year-old snapping at his mother. We envision cuddly stories before peaceful and calm bedtimes, fun romps at the playground with everyone obediently coming when it is time to go, and no burping contests at the dinner table (especially with your delicate daughter as the uncontested winner). Then reality intervenes in the form of loud, messy, dirty children who have (gulp) minds of their own. And we parents have to give up our dreams of perfect children (how fun would they be, anyway?) and start on the sometimes exhausting but ultimately fulfilling process of imposing discipline on our youngsters so they can evolve into caring, responsible, self-disciplined adults. READ More on Positive Discipline

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Parenting's unexpected lessons – in heavy machinery – Christian Science Monit…

26 Dec 2006 at 6:10pm

Parenting's unexpected lessons – in heavy machinery
Christian Science Monitor, MA – 1 hour ago
My wife and I have learned things we hadn't considered before our son was born. In particular, identifying types of heavy equipment. By Karl H. Kazaks ….

Parenting's unexpected lessons – in heavy machinery (The Christian Science Mo…

26 Dec 2006 at 6:30pm

Their 2-year-old boy has the scoop on heavy equipment – from pumpers to tractors.

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The kids have gone to bed. We had a very peaceful and beautiful Christmas day. I hope everyone else had a great Christmas too. Before going to sleep myself I was thinking of the funny things that happen with kids and animals. I remembered a video clip I found on youtube that really made me laugh. Now don't try any of this at home!! Enjoy.

You may have to click on the video twice to activate and view it.

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

Christmas is all about…
Cookies! Presents! Santa Claus! These are the answers you might hear if you ask a child what Christmas is all about. Of course, we adults are more sophisticated. Our answers are more likely to be “spending time with friends and family” or “giving to those less fortunate” or “peace on earth.”

Now, these are all good answers – I love presents and cookies, and peace on earth would be just grand. But all these things are no more than a tiny part of what Christmas is all about – the tissue paper, so to speak, in our gift bag of Christmas. READ More on What Christmas is all about….

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Parenting by Marilyn Heins : Estranged parents need to grow up … – Arizona …

24 Dec 2006 at 2:11am

Parenting by Marilyn Heins : Estranged parents need to grow up ….
Arizona Daily Star, AZ – 4 hours ago
Parenting is a commitment, not a calculation about how many trips you can afford. If you are not ready to make that commitment, you are not ready to make a ….
Turning the tide against child abuse Indianapolis Star
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Parenting classes aimsto help with raising kids (The Idaho Statesman)

24 Dec 2006 at 2:41am

Meridian School District will offer a series of parenting classes starting with Parent Project, a class that gives parents strategies of raising their children, starting in January.

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 By Michelle Donaghey 

I want a computer, a cell phone, a doll, a Nintendo Wii (TM logo), video games, a soccer ball, a now you fill in the blank.
Does it seem like the kids in your house are asking for more and more and more as the days get closer to Christmas? Every year they get older, do the lists get longer and more expensive?
While the part of the joy of the holiday season is anticipating Christmas gifts, it seems that the focus is on the gifts themselves when actually if you think back, it is the anticipation of opening them. Remember that now if you are not setting limits and finding other ways to make the holiday season filled with joy it will only set up your children for disappointment. But what can you do? READ More on Getting Rid of the Gimmees

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