Baby Jaundice

I just wanted to make a quick post. I recently saw an interesting statistic that 80 per cent of premature babies and 50 per cent of full-term babies develops jaundice. It is caused by blockage of the intestines and is a sign that the liver or bile duct system is not working normally. We recently had our own child and I was shocked to learn he had jandice. I did everything I could to read up on the subject and became more comfortable when I learned that if caught right away, it is usually very easily treatable.

What are some of the signs of jaundice in a newborn? Yellow tint to the skin and eyes can be one of the main symptoms. It was in our case. We were able to be proactive and were told to keep our newborn in indirect sunlight and well hydrated. Within a week he had improved.

It if very important if you suspect Jaundice at all to seek medical attention right away. It can be very serious. In fact, from what I have read, jaundice can be more serious and bilirubin can reach toxic levels, leading to kernicterus, which can cause long-term brain damage and even death. It is a condition people need to be aware of and take proactive action.


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