Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Click here for more information on this bookmark craftChristmas is an excellent time to start some projects with your kids. Children love creating little, unique projects that they can use to decorate the home. Many children really enjoy creating gifts that they can use to give as gifts to their friends and their family members. Here, you will be introduced to some easy Christmas projects and crafts for kids. These projects are appropriate for kids of all ages and are great fun for the whole family!

Ornaments are a Christmas classic! Everyone loves ornaments! There are many projects that kids can create at Christmas that involve ornaments. One of these projects includes creating little Christmas tree ornaments by using some buttons, popsicle sticks, and a little bit of ribbon. You can create the ornament to look like a snowflake or a Christmas tree! There are many project kits available that will allow you and your kids to create this Christmas craft with ease. Oriental Trading is an excellent company that provides a number of craft kits for Christmas projects.

In order to create the Christmas ornament, you must gather some blue buttons for the snowflake craft, or green buttons for the Christmas tree ornament. It is best to select buttons that are various shades of blues and greens. You must then gather some popsicle sticks, and some ribbon that is the same color as your buttons. You will also require some glue. Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you are ready to start the project!

  1. Arrange the popsicle sticks in such a way that they are shaped like either a Christmas tree, or a snowflake. Once you have done this, it is important to glue the popsicle sticks together so that they can dry while you prepare the rest of your project.
  2. The next thing that you should do is take the buttons that you have prepared for the craft and organize them along the wooden craft sticks. Many like to do this step in an organized form, while others like their creative juices to fly and arrange them in numerous other ways.
  3. Once the buttons are arranged as you see fit, you can glue them down. This will keep them sturdy.

You can now create a little bow using the ribbon that you have set to the side for your project. Once this is created, you can simply glue it to the back of the project so that you can hang it on your Christmas tree!

There are many variations to this Christmas project for kids in the homeschool classroom. You may want to purchase those cans of snow from the store and mist the ornament with this. You may also like to place family photos on the Christmas craft and give them to friends and relatives!

To see an example of this craft, simply click on the image below:

Click here for more information on this Ornament craft

As stated previously, many kids really enjoy creating Christmas projects that will allow them to give gifts to their friends and family members. One of the projects that you can create in the homeschool classroom is Christmas bookmarks! These little projects can be created in a variety of ways and can be given as a gift to most anyone! Here, you will discover how to create this fun and interesting Christmas bookmarks.

The first thing that you will want to do is purchase some foam strips in Christmas colors. The best colors to use are red and green, but blue and white are great colors to purchase as well. You will also want to purchase some of those little bags of foam characters. It is important to select those that represent Christmas. These shapes may include snowflakes, snowmen, and even those that look like gingerbread men and Santa Claus are excellent choices! You will also want to round up some glue for this project.

  1. The first thing that you will want to do is to create a unique design for your project. This may include placing a little foam Santa Claus towards the top of the bookmark, and then putting in little foam snowflakes and/or candy canes in the bottom. There is no particular way that you have to decorate your bookmark. You should come up with a design that you enjoy.
  2. Once you have designed your Christmas bookmark, you will want to glue the pieces down on the base piece of foam.
  3. Once this is done, simply allow time for the pieces to dry. Many individuals like to place little pieces of ribbon along the bottom of the foam. This is entirely up to you!

This Christmas project for kids in the homeschool classroom is an excellent way to spark the creativity of your little ones. All members of the family can enjoy creating these bookmarks. In addition to this, they make wonderful stocking stuffers and gifts for others!

To see an example of what the finished product will look like once this Christmas project is completed, simply click on the image below:

Click here for more information on this bookmark craft


Christmas would not be complete without a stocking! There are literally thousands of ways that you can create a Christmas project in the homeschool classroom by using stockings. Here, you will learn how to make a foam stocking gift that is great for decoration, or gift-giving! 

  1. The first thing that you will want to do is to purchase foam lacing Christmas stocking craft kit from a store. Oriental Trading offers a great selection of craft kits.
  2. You should then decide how you want to design the stocking. Many place pictures, buttons, foam designs, and even jewels on this craft.
  3. Once you have established a design, simply glue your pieces in place!
  4. If you wish, you can write your name, the year, or someone else’s name –including a pet – across the top of the foam stocking craft!

If you would like to see this project in action, simply click on the image below:


As you can see, there are numerous Christmas crafts and projects that can be completed by kids. This is a great way to enjoy the holidays and spark the creative flow in your children! 

Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

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November 26

Hopeful Spirit @ 3:02 am #

Thanks for contributing this lovely post to the Carnival of Family Life which I am posting this week! It is a valuable addition to the Carnival, full of great ideas!

September 22

Santa Mail @ 8:47 pm #

Thank you for such wonderful ideas. We will difinitely try them this year with our kids.

November 5

Gillian @ 6:24 am #

Really good ideas there! Parents could also take their kids to the local christmas marketsand encourage them to go to the various handicraft workshops running. This allows for more creativity!

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