Is your child picking up some of your bad habits or quirks? Do you have personal quirks such as cracking your knuckles, or picking your teeth at the dinner table? If so, you may likely find your kids mimicking your behavior. Parental quirks are sometimes imprinted on kids. They want to be like you; and tend to follow your lead; sometimes to their detriment. So, are you passing on your quirks to your kids? READ More on Are You Passing Your Bad Habits Or Quirks To Your Kids?

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What is attachment parenting, and is it right for you? There are a lot of different philosophies out there about how to raise your children. One of more popular parenting philosophies that’s been publicized in the past few years is attachment parenting. Many people don’t understand exactly what it is. Attachment parenting is when the parents try to form a close, special bond with their children. This strong relationship with their parents is said to help a child develop strong, healthy, secure relationships in the future. READ More on Attachment Parenting – Is It Right For You?

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Parenting Young Children – Champlain Islander

4 Jan 2007 at 7:53pm

Parenting Young Children
Champlain Islander, VT – 13 hours ago
Start the new year out right and get a new perspective on parenting by signing up for " Parenting Young Children". The seven week program will be held at the ….

Columnist Offers Parenting Wish List (The Morning News)

5 Jan 2007 at 2:40am

As we enter a new year, with new hope, I have a short wish list for our government:

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 by Stacey Schifferdecker 

Do you ever wonder why kids long so for breaks from school, when after only a day or so you start to hear those dreaded whiny words: “I’m bo-o-o-o-red!” Notwithstanding a neighborhood full of friends; a room full of toys, books, games, and puzzles; a backyard full of swing sets, basketball hoops, and trampolines—our kids get bored. And you know what? Let them. Let them get bored, and let them figure out how to deal with the boredom. READ More on Battling Boredom

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Confidence is a crucial part of our lives; as children and adults. Without it, we are left with a low self-esteem; feelings of unworthiness; and vulnerable to the pitfalls life sometimes doles out. Confident moms and dads = confident children and this, above all else, is the very foundation which will determine the future success or failure of your children. As parents you have an enormous impact on your child's emotional developoment. Here are some tips on how you can increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem. READ More on Confident Parents Mean Confident Kids

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Positive Parenting – San Bernardino Sun

2 Jan 2007 at 3:06am

Positive Parenting
San Bernardino Sun, CA – 10 hours ago
…. He wanted to be a better parent. He got his opportunity when he attended Parent Project, a 10-week parenting class, offered at Inland Valley Recovery Services. ….

Co-parenting is best for kids (The Ashland Daily Press)

2 Jan 2007 at 11:26am

Whether parents live together in one household or in different ? divorced or separated ? homes, child-rearing experts agree that co-parenting is best for children. What is co-parenting? It is an arrangement between parents that puts the child (or children) at the center of family life.

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Sometimes it is hard for a teen to feel good about themselves. Everywhere they look, they’re surrounded by images of perfect, beautiful men and women. What they may not realize is that those people spend all day with a trainer, or have had surgery, or the pictures are simply altered. Often times your teens feelings of inadequacy tend to spread past their looks to other areas of their life. What should you do? As a parent, you serve a vital role in shaping how your child sees themselves. You should take steps to help foster a positive body image for your child. READ More on Ideas To Help Your Teen Develop Self Pride And A Good Body Image

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