Healthy Easter Candy Alternatives

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Easter candy is almost a tradition in most households. little girl eating a chocolate Easter bunnyEvery year moms try to decide what to give their kids for Easter. No doubt the kids would prefer candy and chocolate. However, it is a good idea to include some healhier alternatives. There are many healthy replacements for Easter candy baskets you can try. Here are a few tips and ideas.

Instead of chocolate or marshmallow candy, try filling or including with:

* Fruits and cookies. You can bake natural cookies at home that taste yummy.
* Mini boxes of raisins and low fat candies.
* Stuffed bunny rabbits and jelly beans, which are low in calories.
* A basket of brightly colored plastic eggs; with coins inside each egg.
* Coloring books and crayons.
* Small toys for either girls or boys.
* Peanut butter cookies and mini bran muffins.

These are just a few ideas on how healthy replacements for Easter candy can be utilized.
It may also be interesting to note that there are a variety of online website devoted to Easter gifts for both children and adults that do not necessarily involve candy or sweets.
Moreover, giving an actual gift for Easter is becoming a likely trend. For example, here are some ideas for kids:

  • A basket of puzzles.
  • Drawing pencils and 3×5 mini canvasses.
  • Packages of baseball cards
  • Bead-making kit.
  • Clay kit with mold and paints.
  • Scrapbooking kit and throw-away camera.
  • PC or video games.
  • Books on Easter.
  • Easter bunny cut-out books.
  • Jewelry making kits.

Whatever you choose, healthy replacements for Easter candy can come in any form which will not only entertain your kids, but can become the start of a new Easter tradition in your home. Don’t forget to have the egg hunt on Easter morning. This is especially fun for kids of all ages! Finally, before engaging in any activity, remind the kids what Easter is all about and rejoice.

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