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Mother’s Day Surprise – Ideas for an Extra Special Mom’s Day

I have been brainstorming fun ideas we can do for the women in our lives, and the mothers of our kids. Mother's Day is coming soon, next Sunday in fact, and it's time to start thinking of great ways that we can surprise mom this year.
mothers day together with familyHey Dads, this article is for us. I have been brainstorming fun ideas we can do for the women in our lives, and the mothers of our kids. Mother’s Day is coming soon, next Sunday in fact, and it’s time to start thinking of great ways that we can surprise mom this year. Sure, we could buy her a gift and she’d love it, but why not go the extra mile to make her day extra special. Dad and kids can get together and work to make Mother’s Day exciting and relaxing for mom. If you are stumped for some good ideas, here are some great ideas to use. Pick one or combine a couple to show mom your love and appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Give Mom a Spa Day

Every mom in the world could use some time for relaxation and rejuvenation. What better place to find this than at the spa. Get together and plan out a nice spa day for mom. Have it all planned out so that she is totally free to go off and enjoy her day at the spa. Not only will she enjoy all those pampering spa treatments, but she’ll enjoy having a little time to herself. When mom comes back, she’ll be a brand new woman.

Plan a Picnic for the Whole Family

Keep this a secret, I am planning on this one if the weather is nice 🙂 Another great way to surprise mom for Mother’s Day is to plan out a picnic for the whole family. Just make sure that dad and the kids do the planning. You don’t want mom to have to lift a finger to make this happen. Decide on a nice place you can go on a picnic and then get everything together – the food, drinks, blankets, and anything else you’ll need. If you can, hide everything in the car and then get mom in the vehicle and keep her guessing as to where you’re going. When you stop at the park and pull out everything for a picnic, she’ll be surprised and excited. Serve up mom some great picnic food and she’ll be sure to have a blast. 

Surprise Her with Homemade Gifts

Surprising mom with homemade gifts is another wonderful idea for Mother’s Day. Gifts that are home made are extra special for moms. Whether you have a tight budget or you just enjoy making things, mom is sure to love homemade gifts. There are many wonderful gifts that dad and the kids can make at home. Consider uniquely decorated picture frames to hold the kid’s pictures, perhaps painting a flower pot and adding flowers, or maybe even designing a beautiful ceramic mug, painting it and adding “#1 Mom” to it. Homemade gifts are from the heart and they’ll definitely touch the heart of your mom on this special day. But if you’re too busy for this let someone do it for you, just Click Here to see a huge library of unique & novelty mugs, and trendy & stylish mug designs.

Plan a Family Getaway for the Day

If you really want to plan out a big surprise for mom, plan a family getaway for the entire day. In fact, you can turn it into an overnight stay. A camping trip is one option you have. Just make sure you get all the needed supplies ready to go so mom won’t have to do a thing. Another idea is a getaway for a day or two at a nice vacation spot. Perhaps there’s a nice vacation area a couple hours away. Book a hotel room, suite, or a cabin, and simply go away for awhile. It will get mom away from everything and she’ll be surprised that you went to all the trouble to plan such a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise for her.

Treat Mom to a Show

Many moms don’t get out to see very many shows, so treating mom to a show is a great idea. Think about what she likes when you are choosing the type of show. Maybe she enjoys a good movie. Taking her out to the movies, complete with popcorn and nachos, is a great idea. If she’s into music, try getting tickets to a music show she’ll enjoy. Maybe she loves the theater. In this case tickets to an exciting play or musical may be just the thing for mom. This is sure to be an extra special gift that will make her day.

Breakfast in Bed

How many times has mom got up and made breakfast for the entire family? Well, for Mother’s Day, why not return the favor. Dad and the kids can all work together to get up early, being quiet so you don’t wake mom, and making a nice breakfast. If you’re really quiet and sneaky, you may be able to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Mom is sure to love this luxury. She won’t have to make breakfast, she can eat and relax in bed, and she’ll be thrilled with this gift. Add a card or some flowers to the tray to make it even more special for her.

Clean Up the House

One of the things that no mom enjoys doing is cleaning. It can be hard to keep a home clean with a busy family. Probably one of the most surprising and exciting gifts a mom could get is a clean house. While it doesn’t sound like much, if the kids and dad get together and clean the entire house, mom will not only be thrilled – she’ll probably be shocked. Imagine the look on mom’s face when she gets up in the morning and the house is spic and span on Mother’s Day. This is a gift she won’t forget and it doesn’t cost you a thing except a little work and time.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise mom this Mother’s Day. There are many great gift ideas that are free, and others that are fairly cost effective. These are just a few great ideas for great surprises to make Mother’s Day a special one. Use one of these ideas and mom is sure to remember this day for the years to come.

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  • Even making breakfast in bed is a very simple action, but it’s sweet and kind…I think I will use this old idea for showing appreciation to my mother.

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