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Parenthood TV Series – A Review for Parents

Parenthood, the TV Series Recently came out on NBC. The show's name is "Parenthood" and the show was inspired by Parenthood, the movie, which came out some time ago. As a parent myself, I found the idea of a movie all about parenthood to be quite intriguing.

The TV Series Parenthood Recently NBC came out with a brand new drama series. The show’s name is “Parenthood” and the show was inspired by Parenthood, the movie, which came out some time ago. The show is an hour long, and as a parent myself, I found the idea of a movie all about parenthood to be quite intriguing. The premiere of the show just aired on Tuesday, March 2nd 2010, and what an interesting show it turned out to be.

Based upon the movie, the show is all about the ups and downs that a family goes through as they struggle through different phases of parenthood. The Braverman family is featured in this drama, which is a large family that is very imperfect and quite colorful.

The parents of the family, Zeek and Camille, have four grown children. Adam, their son is married to Kristina and they are the parents of two children, Haddie and Max. Then there is Julia who is married to Joel, and they have one daughter, Sydney. Sarah is a single mom, parent to Amber and Drew. Then there is Crosby, who is with Jasmine, although not married, and they are the parents of Jabbar.

The cast of “Parenthood” includes quite a few names that you’ll definitely recognize. The matriarch of the family, Camille, is played by Bonnie Bedelia. She’s known in the series as keeping the family together, but she has a great resolve that she has developed working with her children and husband, all of whom are quite willful.

Craig T. Nelson is playing the patriarch, Zeek, and as an Emmy Award winning actor, he brings a lot to the show. IN the show he was a Vietnam vet and has not stayed with anything for more than a couple years, except he has been a father for many years.

For the four children, Adam is played by Peter Krause, Julia is played by Erika Christensen, Sarah is played by Lauren Graham, and Crosby is played by Dax Shepard. Other names in the show include Joy Bryant, Sam Jaeger, Monica Potter, and Mae Whitman.

The show has the 10:00pm time slot, and it gives parents a chance to check out the show. For many viewers, especially parents, this show is show to strike a chord. Although it seems a bit typecast, the situations are definitely realistic and most will appreciate seeing life through the eyes of other parents as they go through various challenges.

The pilot show basically introduced the characters, and hopefully as the show goes on, it will continue to evolve, showing off the characters and going beyond the predictable. There are quality actors involved and great producers behind the show, so it definitely seems like a promising one.

This first episode was all about Sarah Braverman coming back home to where the rest of the family lives. She is in a tight place financially, and she has to uproot her kids and bring them with her as she moves back to Berkeley so she can be closer to the rest of the family. She’s be greeted by the rest of the family, all dealing with issues of her own, and so the show begins.

After watching the pilot show, I truly hope that this show will continue to air. I’m looking forward to the next episodes and how the show progresses as we all get to know the Braverman family.

If  you go to you’ll find a lot of great information, videos, bios, games, and more that have to do with this new show.

The good news is that even if you missed the “Parenthood” pilot this past Tuesday, you can still see it. In fact, you can view the full episode below with your family. Clicking on the Video below will open up a movie player. You can than change it to full screen. So get the popcorn ready, gather your family around the computer and enjoy.

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