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Making Mothers Day A Special One

If you are a dad that is searching out for ideas that you and the kids can use to order to make Mothers day special, then this article will have a lot of ideas for you. You will find different creative ideas that will thrill Mom this Mothers day...

happy family on mothers dayMother’s Day is a tradition that has been celebrated all throughout history. On this special day, Dads and kids all around the nation gather to show the mother in their life how much they appreciate and cherish them. If you are a dad that is searching out for ideas that you and the kids can use to order to achieve the goal of making mom’s day special, then this can serve as a very powerful tool and resource. Here, you will find many different creative ideas that you can put to good use. In the end, your wife will feel absolutely honored that you have taken the time to devise a way of showing her how much you and the children love and cherish her!

Memory Movie

One of the first and most impressive strategies that you can use to ensure that you are successful in making Mom’s day special is to create a memory movie. This is not a difficult task, but there are many different supplies that must be obtained in order to complete this Mother’s Day gift. These items are as follows:

  • A computer with Windows Movie Maker installed
  • A printer combo, or a scanner
  • Family photo albums
  • A song that is saved on the computer that can be used in the video
  • A DVD burner – installed, or an external that can be used
  • DVD recordable disk that are compatible to the DVD burner that you have
  • A little bit of time, and a natural spark for creativity.

1. The first thing that you and the kids will need to do is search through the photo albums and pull out any pictures that represent special memories for the mother. Normally, this will be family pictures, pictures of the kids, marriage pictures, pictures of special occasions, etc….It is important to try to get between 50-100 pictures in order to make this Mother’s Day Gift a success!

2. Once you have all of the pictures gathered, it is now time to scan these pictures and save them on the hard drive of your computer. It is often best to create a specific folder that is designated to hold these pictures. This will make the project much easier.

3. Next, you will want to pull up the Windows Movie Maker under “Accessories” on your computer, and drag over the pictures to the project window.

4. You can customize the movie in many ways. First, you can add titles and menus, and second, you can add the song that you have saved to the project. You should do this now.

5. Once everything is set, you simply save the project as a completed video file on your computer, and then burn the movie onto a blank DVD movie disk.

The person receiving this very special Mother’s Day gift will be more than pleased at the fact that you took the time to create something so creative!

Creative Bamboo Assortment

Bamboo plants are cherished by many different individuals around the world. Seeing that most Mothers enjoy plants, making a creative bamboo assortment may be the way to go this Mother’s Day! The Bamboo is considered to be relatively fortunate when it comes to the receiver. Seeing that this plant always displays a bright green coloring, it is believed that the individual who plays host as the owner of this plant is said to receive a good, healthy, long life. In Chinese cultures, it is referred to as the “symbol of life”. The following details the items that you will need to create this unique Mother’s Day gift:

  • A single bamboo plant
  • A fishbowl like container that stands about half as high as the total length of the plant
  • Some seashells
  • Glitter glue
  • Water
  • Computer with internet access
  • Printer

1. You will want to start by covering the large shells with glitter glue. It is important to set these shells to the side so that they may dry.

2. Now, you will want to place the remaining shells in the fishbowl like container that you are using.

3. Once the larger shells have dried, place them around the inner glass in the bowl so that they are facing out. It is important to line the entire inside of the inner glass in this manner.

4. Now, you should stick the single bamboo plant in the center of the shells.

5. You will then add water, and move on to step 6.

6. Go online and find a poem about Mother’s Day, love, life, lessons, or even luck for a good, healthy, and long life. When you find one that you especially like, print it out.

7. Now, you should place the print out in a card, and present it with the creative Bamboo assortment.

Give the Gift of Love, and Save the Environment Too!

There is a lot of talk in today’s world about “going green”, “global warming”, and being “environmentally correct”. What better way to save the environment than to give the gift of love? All you have to do is select a plant, plant it in honor of the mother that you and the kids are providing the gift too, and have a personalized medium sized stone engraved to place in front of it!

1. First, you will need to purchase either a plant or a tree that is designed to grow in a lawn.

2. Once you have gathered the plant, be sure to purchase soil and plant food. This will enhance the overall growth of your plant.

3. Next, you will want to plant a tree planting, or plant planting ceremony for the special woman in your life. This is really simple. Everyone should just jot down some things that they want to say, such as a review of memories or why they appreciate mom.

4. Schedule the ceremony on Mother’s Day. Allow everyone to say what they want to say.

5. When Mother’s Day draws near, have a small stone engraved that relate to the woman. It can say “mom” of the name.

6. Once the ceremony begins, allow everyone to speak. Then, inform the lady in your life, that you will now be planting a tree or plant in honor of her and allow her to watch.

7. Once the plant and/or tree are planted, place the small engraved stone in front of it.

In Summary 

There are many ways to make Mom’s day special. Remember, it is not the monetary cost of something that you should concern yourself with, it is the cost of failing to show another how much you love and truly appreciate them.

Mothers day is just a couple weeks away, so this is a call to all dads to make this Mothers day a very special one indeed.

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