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How Will You Stimulate Your Child this Summer?

Summer time can be a fun and exciting for kids and their families. Generally, a break is given over the summer months and educational lessons are ceased until the fall. Here are some fun ideas to keep your child learning and having fun.

here is a girl in a garden planting a strawberry plantSchools out and summer is finally here. How are you going to keep your child occupied and at the same time stimulate their young minds? Summer can be a fun and exciting time for children and their families. Generally, a break is given over the summer months and educational lessons are ceased until the fall. If you are a homeschooling parent, and interested in supplementing your child´s education, it is important to know and understand that while the traditional lessons do not fit into the scheme of summer, it does not mean that learning has to cease. The professionals at are deeply passionate about preparing children for their future by helping them think outside the box, problem solve creatively, and collaborate with those around them. There are many fun summer projects you can do with your child, one of them is look for Splash Pad Near Me and take them to fun during these summer days.

Here are some fun summer activities and projects for your child. If you are at a loss for extra projects and activities, this may the right read for you!

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is a very popular fun summer projects for homeschoolers. The family can decide together what type of garden is to be planted. They may choose to plant an herb garden, a flower garden, or even a vegetable garden. Then, all of the supplies should be gathered and everyone should play a large role in creating and planting. Family members should also take the time to assist in the maintenance of the garden as well. Not only can children enjoy learning about how things grow, they can develop a sense of accomplishment once they see their gardens grow! Don’t forget to take plenty of random pictures while the children care for the new garden!

Create Family Movies

Creating fun, fact filled family movies can be a lot of fun for the entire family! You will need a computer that has Windows XP or higher, a computer with a burn function for DVD’s, a scanner, and all those old family photo albums. Now, what you will be doing is using Windows Movie Maker in order to create a DVD movie of people in the family. The children should take active roles in all the steps that are necessary when it comes to creating the film. It should also be required of the kids to learn a little something about everyone that is placed in the movie. Once completed, they can add music to the film and then burn copies of it onto the blank DVD’s. You may suggest that the children save copies in order to distribute as gifts for Christmas.

Visit Flea Markets

Believe it or not, selling at a local flea market can be a fun educational summer project! This type of project can help clean out all the excess from your home, and can help add to the family’s finances with the profits that are experienced. Children will be able to socialize with other people, learn the importance of financial transactions, and will learn many other valuable lessons as well! In addition to selling old items in the home, many children may elect to create items to sell. This can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the family!

Form a Neighborhood Car Wash

Are your kids always searching for ways to make a little extra cash? Are they always complaining that they are bored? If so, maybe you can encourage them to start up a neighborhood car wash. Encourage the children to not charge for the car wash, but allow them to put up a sign that says that tips are welcomed. Good deeds like washing someone’s car for free allows children to grow as individuals, develop character, and build good relationships with those that they live near. This is an excellent method of encouraging community service.

Start a Food Drive

There are many organizations throughout the world, and even in your local community, which provide foods for those who cannot afford to purchase it for themselves. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding activity for your children this summer, you may encourage them to have their own food drive for individuals who are needy. They can get the names and addresses of those who wish to contribute and set a time and date of when those individuals should place their bags of food by their front doors. Then, you can drive them around to pick up the food. Once this is done, you can drive it to the family or organization that needs that food. This can be a very exciting and rewarding activity for the entire family!

Visit Museums and Zoos

Here in Chattanooga TN we have the Childs Discovery Museum. It offers a science theater and many fun and educational exibits. My son loves the Evacuation Station for example where he can dig in the sand and uncover dinosaur bones. You may be suprised what your local community has to offer and museums, zoo’s, sea aquariums, butterfly parks like that one in Coral Springs Florida where we used to live, all provide a fun and educational opportunity. Who knows, mom or day may learn a thing to!


There are many fun and educational summer projects and activities you can enjoy with your kids. If you are searching for activities that will build your childs education, sense of community, a sense of self, these activities are sure to be a big hit! While not all projects bring a monetary award, it is important for children to know and understand that there are many different types of awards in life.

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  • Your ideas are creative and educating. All these ideas are just around us, but we most of the time overlook it…thanks!

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