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Fun Family Crafts and Projects Made Easy with the Cricut

There are many fun, family crafts and projects that can be pursued when it comes to arts and crafts. Many families use their computers to assist them when it comes to creating a craft project. Here is a product that will make make such projects easier and very professional...

Click here for more information on the Cricut Craft MachineThere are many fun, family crafts and projects that can be pursued when it comes to arts and crafts. Many families use their computers and other electronic devices to assist them when it comes to creating a project. Now, there is a new product on the market that I have found to be extremely fun and productive when it comes to creating fun projects with my children. This product is called Cricut. When pronounced, it sounds like you are saying “cricket”. This is a cutting system that is electronic based. However, the upside is that it does not require an actual computer. If you’re interested in getting one, you can check out the best ones available on the market at Here, I will tell you a little about how you can create fun family projects – the easy way!

Today we are going to be reviewing the features of the Cricut. It is a revolutionary machine that actually cuts an assortment of materials in many different ways. Take a look to this Ekocycle’s 3D printer list to prevent messing with patterns that can be really difficult to work with! Now, you can just insert the material, decide on how you want it cut and go from there. There are many exciting projects that you can choose from when it comes to cutting with this particular tool:

I Love You Picture Placemat created with Cricut• Picture Frames

• Wall Hangings

• Jewelry Boxes

• Shelving

• Scrapbooks

• Cards

• School Memory Books

• Mousepads

Created with help from the Cricut - counting at the zoo• Table Placeholders

• School Posters

• Menus

• Napkin Holders

• Bags

• Photo Albums

Happy Birthday Craft• Gift Bags

• Unique Wrapping Paper

• Decorations for parties like anniversaries, birthdays, and more!

• Quilts

• Curtains

• Tablecloths

• And, more!


Gift Bag created with help from the CricutThere are a number of features available with this particular product. First, it can cut many different materials all in different sizes. You would think that this particular product would be really heavy considering all of the things that it can do, but it is actually quite lightweight. It is not too big, either, so it can be moved around to different locations with ease. When using this product, you must have a cartridge that helps control the ink and the overall design that is used. This cartridge is easy to install! This makes it really nice for people who want to experience simplicity when creating fun family projects – the easy way! There is also an overlay that is considered to be “soft touch” and a pressure dial that effectively allows you to control how much pressure is applied to the material when creating the projects that you take part in. When you purchase this product to create your family projects, you will receive a large number of items that will assist you in creating your projects:

Cute Babies created with the Cricut• Alphabet precut templates

• Shape precut templates

• Mats to assist in the cutting process

• Blades to cut a large assortment of materials and products

• Tools to assist in the various cuts that are achieved by the product

• A storage container that will assist in the way of packing away the device until it is needed.

Bonus Features

Happy Birtday Card created with the CricutThis product normally sells for less than $50! As you can see, it comes with a large amount of extras. Did you know that there are now bonuses included in addition to all of the extras that can be experienced? That’s right! Now, you can get the following:

1. A bonus spatula tool that can assist in the projects that you elect to purchase

2. A new type of trimmer that can assist you in all of your projects

3. A couple of extra blades to assist in the cuts and shaping process of your products

4. An extra trimmer unit

5. A DVD that explains how to use the product and ideas for projects

6. A keyboard overlay system to make your family projects a breeze

7. And, more!

If you are looking to create fun family craft projects, this is something you may find interesting. The Cricut can really add fun and detail to all of your family arts and crafts! If you are searching for something that can add creativity to your projects, an easy way to cut materials, and some plain out fun for your family – this is it!  


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