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Helping Your Child Avoid Overload and Stress

Kids today seem a whole lot busier. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you make handling all those activities seem like a breeze, or at the very least a little bit easier...

Help busy kids de-stress by integrating family activities in their schedule





I remember when I was a kid. Life did not seem as hectic and busy as it does for my young son who is just starting school. As if the day-to-day activity of going to school isn’t enough, some children like mine will join clubs, a band, take karate, learn swimming, or join an organized sport such as soccer or baseball. Take this chance to watch the upcoming Qatar World Cup with your kids and get bonded with them. Then you have to figure out a way of handling all those activities and still making sure your child gets their school work done. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you make handling all those activities seem like a breeze, or at the very least a little bit easier.

  • Make the family the priority. Yes, it’s true that as children go through their school years they will find more and more extra-curricular activities they would like to be involved in. Instead of allowing them to be involved in them all, tell them you expect them to be home to eat with the family. Your family is more important than any school activity.
  • Limit the number of activities. If allowed to, a student could become involved in any number of school clubs and sports teams. Even though they won’t like it, limit the number of activities to one that meets during school hours (a club) and one that meets after school hours (sports or band).
  • After family, school work is next in importance. No matter how well your child plays a sport, be sure that they do their school work well. Being talented in sports may be something to work on, but having an education is even more important.
  • Be involved in your child’s activities. If you’re involved with your student’s activities, it will show that you support them. It will also allow you to know when your child will be practising, if they have to travel out of town, and what other requirements they may have.
  • Mark your calendar. Having a family calendar will help make sure you or your child doesn’t miss an important event. Place the calendar in a central place in your home so everyone can add items when they find out about them. This will help you to avoid having two events on one day. If nothing else, you’ll know what times you have activities.
  • Encourage outside-of-school friendships. Allow your children to spend time with friends outside of school. Perhaps you could have a couple of friends over for a weekend afternoon, or allow your child to go to their friend’s house. Becoming friends with the family would be another way to encourage friendships.

School Clubs, organized sports, band, and cheerleading, are all important activities that promote social and physical well being and growth for your child. However, they pale in comparison to time with the family and doing school work. Learn that handling all those activities doesn’t have to be difficult. A family calendar gives you a place to keep track of them all, and make sure you have time to spend together as a family.


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