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Happy New Years from More4kids! 2023

Family New Years

Ah, it’s that time of year again for the famous (or infamous) New Year’s Resolutions. These are often made in haste with the hopes of making some drastic changes but most of the time the resolutions fail and by February, it is a long forgotten goal. It can be so ridiculous that one year I made a resolution never to make New Year’s resolutions again. But like the resolutions, I haven’t kept that promise.

What makes the New Year so appealing? It’s as if it’s a big Etch-O-Sketch and it’s being erased and we have a do over – a chance to make a better life. The New Year comes with hope, which is why people want to strive to do better as the calendar changes over.

Here’s a good thought, why not make the New Year Resolution be family oriented? By involving those we love the most, we can hold each other accountable for a positive outcome and in reaching these new goals.

Great Family-Sized New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy Dieting

One of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions is weight loss for many adults. This can still hold true for your family, however, you want to take the focus off weight loss for the children. Unless your child is obese, they do not need to go on a diet to lose weight, even if you need to do so. Instead of saying weight loss, make a resolution to eat healthier. Make it a family deal and start to introduce a better diet for all of you. If you eat right to begin with, weight loss is a natural occurrence with a healthy diet.

It’s also a fact that people who learn and follow a plant-focused diet are the ones who achieve their fitness goals. You may visit health site like to get coaching and tips to make sure you’re getting fitness goals right.

Make it a goal to include vegetables with each meal. Trade a junk food favorite for a healthy snack. Example, if the kids and parents like to eat cake or pies, try making homemade granola out of healthy whole grains and nuts instead. Teach the children there are better alternatives to junk foods.


Another favorite New Year’s Resolution is in getting fit. The truth of the matter proclaims that physical fitness is good for the whole family and not just the adults. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution for the whole family to join a gym (unless you and your kids just really want to do that) make it one that involves physical activity with a fun slant.

*Buy passes at the local pool and make it a goal to swim so many laps a week. Work up to a good goal so by the end of the year your family has made marathon progress.

*Buy softball equipment and teach the kids how to play! (or baseball or soccer). Play a sport that normally requires a team but make it a fun family time.

*Come up with a walking /jogging / running mile challenge. Make a goal of 100 miles, or even 500 miles for the year. Spend time walking trails with the family three to four times a week. This is a great way to get in shape and spend quality time with the children.

Fun Family Dates

Make a resolution to have a family date either every week or once a month. Let each person have a vote from a list of fun things to do and places to go on a family date. You can do things like go see a movie, go ice skating, go shopping at the mall, visit a zoo, go to an amusement park, see a historical marker, visit distant relatives and friends, and a number of other fun things to do. “Zip lining, painting workshop, dance lessons, or the like.”

Home Improvement Projects

What better way to teach the children how to do home improvement projects than to have it as a New Year’s resolution. Make it the year to create new room colors. How about building bookshelves? What about teaching a sewing project. Make all new throw pillows. Let the kids be involved in the planning process and teach them simple home repairs like how to unclog a bathroom sink drain.

Pay it Forward

Make a resolution to pay it forward. Look around you and see what all you can do to help others. If you live in a neighborhood with elderly people take the family over for spring cleanup. Wash their windows, weed their yards. Let the kids help with gardening. Pick a project a month and find someone to bless. Ask your local church if they know of those in need who could use your help. The kids will learn a lot from such a project and by the end of the year, you will have twelve people or families whom you have blessed.

From all of us at More4kids. Happy New Years!! May 2023 bring all our readers and their families health, peace and happiness 🙂

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