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101 Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

101 Acts of Kindness: Making a Positive Impact on a World Filled with Negativity

Acts of kindness allows each of us to make a positive impact on a world that is swarming with negativity. Kindness is an act that, simply, “feels good”. It does not matter if we observe kindness, have kindness bestowed upon us, or bestow kindness upon others. It is said that, when a person experiences kindness – in one way or another – it puts them at their absolute best, as people. Kindness is compassion. Kindness is generosity. Kindness is love. Kindness allows us to connect with others.

As parents, we should encourage our children to engage in random acts of kindness. We, too, should engage in these acts. In doing so, we will inspire happiness, high levels of gratitude, and will be making a positive difference in the lives of others that they will want to pay forward! The following outlines 101 acts of kindness that we and our kids may perform in order to make a positive impact on the negative world that we are part of:

1) Smile when you make eye contact with others.

2) Hold the door open for someone.

3) Use kind words when speaking to others, such as “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”.

4) Compliment a person on their talents.

5) Brag about a person’s accomplishments and really mean it! Use great examples.

6) Congratulate someone on a job well done.

7) Congratulate someone who has been able to do something new and exciting, such as purchase a house or travel to a new and exciting place.

8) Use a person’s name when speaking to them.

9) Listen when others talk – not with the intent to answer, but, with the intent to truly hear them.

10) Be genuinely happy for someone. They will notice!

11) When online, speak positively.

12) Always strive to encourage others.

13) Help those that are less fortunate. Volunteer. There are tons of local opportunities. Places to contact: local Church, schools, libraries, food pantries, hospitals, Red Cross, and animal rescue shelters to name a few.

14) If someone recently had a baby, offer to cook a week’s worth of meals.

15) If someone had a baby, offer to clean their house for a couple of weeks while they adjust to being a new parent.

16) If a car is parked where a meter has expired, put money in it.

17) Do not use your phone when speaking and/or engaging with others.

18) Make friends with the new neighbor they will appreciate it and you will too!

19) Make friends with the new kid at school.

20) Make friends with the new person at work.

21) Invite a neighbor over for dinner.

22) Buy a meal for a homeless person.

23) Make and hand out blessing bags to the homeless.

24) When you buy something new, donate one used item to a family in need, a local charity, or to the local Goodwill store.

25) When someone is speaking, make a point to avoid interrupting them.

26) If someone has made a difference in your life, tell them how much you appreciate it!

27) Send a “Thank You” card to a teacher that inspires/inspired you. This one is for parents too 🙂  A good teacher can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

28) Make something special for a loved one and surprise them with it – such as a homemade card.

29) Visit a local nursing home and make friends with some of the residents that live there.

30) If someone has done you harm, simply forgive them and move on.

31) Do someone else’s chores for a day, a week, or even a month – just because.

32) If you see someone sitting or walking alone at school, work, at the park, or another type of event, go speak to them.

33) When you are done reading books and newspapers, leave them behind or donate them so that others may enjoy them, too!

34) When buying something at a store, leave your change in the change cup so that it may be used by someone who may come up a little short in their purchase.

35) If someone is in a lane at the store that has less items than you do, allow them to go first so that they do not have to wait.

36) Instead of emailing or text messaging someone, write them a real, live letter and mail it!

37) If you have items in your home that you no longer want or need, give them to charity, someone in need, or simply give them away online!

38) If you visit a restaurant or another type of store that has a tip jar, be sure to drop your change in it.

39) Give someone that you know and love a big hug and tell them how much they mean to you!

40) If you spill something somewhere, clean it up.

41) If you make a mess, clean it up.

42) Call your grandparents – all of the time!

43) Call your parents – all of the time!

44) Call all of your loved one as much as you can!

45) If you see litter, pick it up and dispose of it.

46) Volunteer in a local soup kitchen.

47) Volunteer in a local nursing home.

48) Adopt a friend at a local Assisted Living Facility.

49) Make cards and go pass them out to people in the hospital.

50) Buy a bouquet of flowers and surprise a lonely resident at a nursing home.

51) Donate books, money, and clothing to a local homeless shelter.

52) Offer to transport an elderly neighbor to their appointments.

53) Take your trimmer and help a neighbor take care of their lawn.

54) Walk your neighbor’s dog.

55) Wash a neighbor’s car.

56) Care for a homeless animal.

57) Sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home during the holidays.

58) Donate sports equipment to an orphanage.

59) Send actual paper-based or card stock “Thank You” notes for everything that you receive.

60) Pay for a person’s bus fare.

61) Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant you don’t know.

62) Pay for someone’s coffee.

63) Pay for someone’s gas.

64) Be sure to hold your tongue and refrain from saying things when you are upset, angry, sad, or have doubts.

65) Help someone who is moving by offering them your boxes and old newspapers.

66) Help someone move.

67) Allow others to merge into your lane while traveling.

68) Thank every single person who does something for you – from the store clerk, to the teacher, to the bag boy, to the bus driver. Everyone works hard and deserves a little genuine appreciation.

69) If you know someone with a mobility issue, help them by cleaning their house.

70) Help the sick and/or injured by doing their shopping.

71) Help make the world a better place by introducing people and connecting them to each other.

72) Offer to help someone with their school project.

73) Create a homework/study team and make it fun!

74) Send a care package to one of our troops.

75) Be patient with others.

76) Genuinely care about others.

77) Try to find the good in all people.

78) Find at least one thing in each person that you know that you like about them AND TELL THEM 🙂

79) Remember, two negatives always equal a positive and inform others of that fact, as well!

80) Do the dishes. No one likes them, so, it is the perfect thing to do when it comes to being kind!

81) Be kind to the animals of the world

82) Be nice to the elderly AND find an elderly person to help.

83) Do not say bad things about others.

84) Be polite and mind your manners in all situations and around all people.

85) Do nice things and don’t tell anyone at all.

86) Send an anonymous donation to someone or a charity of your choice.

87) Brag on a kid that is behaving and/or being very polite.

88) Brag on the kid’s parents, too!

89) Buy candy and pass around the sweets at school and work.

90) Do not complain around others.

91) Smile! Smile! Smile!

92) Be an optimist even in the most pessimistic of situations!

93) Look for the best!

94) Leave nice comments online.

95) Don’t be rude to others online.

96) Share!

97) Always arrive early.

98) Pray for others!

99) Think of others first!

100) Be kind to the Earth: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

101) Be kind to Yourself!

and some extra acts of kindness:

102) Buy toys for kids at a children’s hospital.

103) Never forget to tell your loved one and kids you love them EACH night.

104) Create a ‘family’ spare change jar and put a little in it each day (even if it is a penny or dime). Then donate it to charity as a family and start again 🙂

105) Adopt a pet in need.

106) Adopt a family over the holidays

107) Volunteer & make a difference in a child’s life, Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

108) Do a random act of Kindness

109) Support Someone on Go Fund Me

110) Micro Giving. Help put food on the table for a family at Team Giving

111)  One person we love following on Twitter works hard to spread love and kindness. That is why we feel everyone should follow Bill Pulte and retweet him to help spread love and kindness, and the only cost is time 🙂

112) Don’t have money? Donate your time 🙂

Lets keep this list going! What is your favorite acts of kindness?

Acts of Kindness






The essence behind any act of kindness lies in its inherent nature – a conscious choice made with genuine intent to alleviate another’s’ suffering or uplift their spirits. It represents an extension of compassion towards another individual where one puts aside their own needs and desires for the greater good.

Acts of kindness move beyond idle thoughts or passing feelings – they manifest into action through deeds, words or simple gestures that touch hearts and make lasting impressions.

Small gestures like holding doors open or lending a listening ear when needed can be as impactful as larger initiatives such as fundraising events for charitable causes. Regardless of scale, what matters most is how such acts reflect on the vast potential we possess as human beings to bring about positive change in society.


Trying to be kind towards others can prove its worth immensely every time you try it out! This powerful act has emerged as a game-changer for individuals hoping to transform people’s lives positively worldwide. Such selfless acts stem from empathy & compassion-driven hearts looking forward to alleviating suffering from around them – each serving plays its part! One classic example could be responding with acts of kindness – even in small ways like sharing generous smiles or kind words; these could prove just enough – sometimes more than some bigger gestures.

Each act makes up for that little bit of a sidestep taken away from hate & discord – becoming surer footing under our feet towards understanding between each other amid all divides. Additionally, if you ever feel low on motivation for putting in such acts in the future, remember how these one-off gestures can pack a domino effect! Just by offering a few helping hands today, you might end up inspiring others to do so too. It might break those barriers of skepticism erected around us earlier.

So, it’s undeniable that kindness serves as a universal language of emotion that connects all of us across any kind of boundary. It reminds all the receivers and givers alike of their shared humanity – forces beyond their usual understanding awaken something in them. A final aspect to remember is kindness’ positive effect on us; therefore, we should keep engaging in such kind acts often!

Most importantly, let’s not make kindness just another virtue to follow — let’s acknowledge it as a powerful chief force capable of making this globe progressively better— One at an act-time!

Kindness Ideas

Kindness comes in many myriad forms; from small, sweet tokens vastly influencing how people perceive their day-to-day interactions towards moving mountains to how they shape one another’s lives. Get inspired with some ideas for increasing benevolence below:

Boost morale via an act of unexpected altruism: purchase someone’s coffee just because; leave an encouraging note behind on their windshield; express genuine admiration for their strengths — simple delights like these can create an enduring ripple effect by demonstrating that goodness still does exist in the world.

Giving back as a volunteer, allowing your skills and talents to be put into action for local charities or community needs can help spread kind deeds throughout the area.

Consider dedicating time to organizations like tutoring children or helping protect the environment with things like beach cleanups.

Listen intently and offer compassionate feedback to someone who might be struggling through something on their own or supporting them through a tough situation: treat them with respect by offering your ears without judgement so they feel heard, inspirational even in a difficult moment.

Remembering elderly members of our society who may yearn for connection can be another place to extend kindness through everyday actions. Assist them with shopping errands or at-home tasks; engage in meaningful conversations over coffee — small acts of kindness that could make their day just that much brighter!

Don’t forget that we can also incorporate kindness practices within our work environments as well! Lifting up colleagues by supporting their contributions with appreciation and teamwork opportunities incorporates spreading compassion towards building spiritual teamwork goals fostering higher morale all around.

In short: daily acts of compassion can create immense change if it’s done intentionally; these suggestions are an excellent starting point on the path towards making our world kinder, more empathetic and enriched community–one step at a time.

Ways For Kids To Learn Kindness At Home

The home has a critical role when it comes to teaching kids the importance of kindness and compassion since it’s usually where they learn the ways of values ??and behaviors modeling daily routines. Therefore, here’s two approaches through which kids can cultivate kind traits at home:

Foremost among the strategies is leading by example – parents also caregivers play an essential role model when teaching children how to act appropriately. By continuously demonstrating random acts of goodwill through their own actions such as empathizing with family members when necessary accepting corrections calmly, and helping out with domestic chores, adults make good models. Kids pay attention to these behaviors and can learn that being kind is indispensable for everyday life. These seemingly insignificant actions promote kindness as a necessary virtue and encourage kids to replicate it in their own lives.

The second approach is encouraging empathy and understanding feelings from their perspective. Parents should try cultivating the child’s ability to understand the ways of how others feel. They can begin by initiating conversations about emotions, describing how certain actions affect another person’s feelings. Showing movies/reading books often backed with subtle undertone of unconditional love also help; thus, they expand kids minds while preparing them for situations where empathy is necessary. They should also encourage children’s participation in acts of goodwill and acts of kindness, like donating clothes, toys, taking part in community service projects – first-hand opportunities that allow the child to witness the joy of altruism resulting in lifelong devotion towards kindness.

To sum up, creating a hospitable and empathetic atmosphere at home inspires kids to develop kindness ideas and essential qualities such as compassion guiding interactions with peers and society at large. We should all strive to educate our kids about performing acts of kindness to create a better, happier world.

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