Child Behavior Modification

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by Julie and Kevin

Child behavior modification sounds so stuffy. We should have named this post "ideas to get your kids to listen", or influencing children. Parenting is the toughest job we have, and like many parents are trying different ideas. Some work and some don't.
What we wanted to do tonight is throw out an idea we have started trying with our four year old son. We have issues with our son listening, interrupting people and sitting at the dinner table. In addition to using the great advice found in other articles on this site, we are trying something different. We bought a very small white board with three colors, blue, red and green. We created a line for each problem area and the day of the week above it. When Kailan is acting up we give him a verbal warning in a controlled tone and start counting to 3 slowly. If he is still acting up when we reach 3, we give an initial blue mark. If he continues a red mark for that behaviorial area. If he gets a red mark we take a toy away from him.
Finally, a green marks at the end of the day without any reds will get a toy back. If he goes a whole week with green marks in a certain area we will let him know and do something extra special . We have only been at this for a couple weeks so we will periodically report our progress. What do others think or suggest?

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