Potty Training Basics

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Editorial Comment: We have just finished potty training our son and are looking forward to the challenges of training our newborn in a few years. Parenting is not easy and knowing how difficult this task can be, so we will be devoting a few articles to potty training. Let us know if they are useful. For us, we used many of the techniques below. It is important not to get made or upset if the child has an accident. We also resorted to bribary along with encouragement. Either a gummy bear or a crabby patty gummy for a real good job! One thing that helped also was peer pressure. Our son really started making progress at the pre pre school he was going to. We built on that success at home by a lot of praise when he went as to what a big boy he was becomming. Julie

There comes a time in every family’s life when it is time to potty train. There are as many ways to go about this as there are families in the world. How you go about the process should be molded to fit the needs of your family and especially your toddler. In fact, it will probably seem as if everyone you know is trying to give you a potty training tip.

Even though the process of potty training can be a test of patience, eventually your journey to successful potty training will come to an end and you will feel like having a victory celebration. Patience, encouragement and support are all very important things to provide to your toddler as you try to sort out every potty training tip you received.

Encouragement, Patience, and Potty Training

One thing to remember when your child is getting close to the age when it is time to begin potty training, make sure you do not force the issue. Every child will let you know when they are ready to potty train. They will do it in their own time and own way, and trying to force them to potty train may have just the opposite effect you were hoping for. They may just dig their heels in and refuse to potty train.

Another potty training tip is if your child does have an accident and doesn’t make it to the potty in time; do not make a huge deal about it. Things like that happen while you’re trying to potty train. Help your child get cleaned up and move on. Making a scene about a simple accident can cause just the opposite reaction you are going for. They may decide in their toddler logic or even subconsciously decide that it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll be in trouble.

An additional potty training tip is to make sure to put clothes on your child that are easy for your child to pull down or remove themselves. Even though those cute shorts may be easy for mom to put on her child, the shorts may just be too difficult for your toddler to pull down. Try to look at things as your toddler would: that’s the best potty training tip you can find.

Pick and choose from every potty training tip that every well-meaning person tries to give you. Choose the ideas that will work well for your family and your child and in no time you will have a successfully potty-trained toddler on your hands!

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