Finding Quality Time – a Parents Greatest Challenge

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by Kevin Heath
I just read an atiticle about how technology is robbing our quality time with our kids. There are TV, computers, new movies which are coming out all the time, game boys, xbox's etc. Sometimes we justify allowing our children to spend so much time on a compter or watching an 'educational' TV station because we feel they are learning from it. I admit I am guilty of this more times then I want to say. By doing this our children are not learning how to interact among other kids or how to amuse and play by themselves. I feel we are stiffling their imaginations and creativity, making it harder for them to figure something out on their own. Here at More4kids we are working on some artilces on how to improve family time and ideas to explode your child's imagination. I am not taliking about removing all entertainment, kids need a break from life too, but finding time to spend more constuctive time with your children in order to help build their social skills and ignite their imagination.
What do other people feel? We are always interested in hearing what parents are stuggling with so that we can make sure our articles are relevant and interesting. Thankyou
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