Can bad behavior be fixed in kids?

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Changing bad behavior in children is every parents challenge. Through positive parenting, researchers at the University of Canberra are claiming just this. In a recent article on the Monitor: "Being a parent is one of the most difficult and challenging roles a person can perform, yet parents do it with no training and little guidance," psychologist Dr Angela White said.

Out of the reseach at the University of Canberra comes strategies on how to build a more positive relationship with your child. They teach the use of natural and logical consequences as discipline in order to increase responsibility and help relieve the stress we as parents have. It is also very important to realize the the importance that self esteem plays in a child. They teach ways to minimize stress and increase enjoyment as a parent.

While parents in other parts of the world may not be able to directly benefit today, we have hope in the future this research will be published for parents around the world to take advantage of. Here at More4kids we will keep a close eye on this research program out of the University of Canberra.

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