Music Therapy For Children

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The Importance Of Sleep

Click Here to Buy Me $14.95 plus $2 S&H (US Shipping only)We all know that sleep is very important. For young children it is even more important. When we enter a deep sleep, it  helps to enhance the immune system and stimulate the nervous system. When people dream, it helps to aid and enhance memory and learning. Both types of sleep are essential for childhood development. A lack of sleep can impair learning, reduce reaction time, cause moodiness, and increase the likelihood of accidents and injury.

Research Has Proven That Music Is Therapy For Children

Therapeutic music helps children fall asleep sooner and with greater peace of mind. Research has been applied on pregnant mothers, infants, toddlers, and even adults. Incorporating this type of music in preschools, daycare centers, doctors, and dentists offices has a positive result on the tempo of the environment. It sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere and has the capabilities to lay a child or an adult to sleep. Songs that are recognized by children makes them have an added enjoyment for music.

Adding nature sounds to music makes the heart rate respond to a slower beat which in turn relaxes the body and mind. Children need this type of tempo to be calmed and relaxed. Listening to this music you will hear many different nature sounds. They include ocean waves, birds, ducks, horses, cows, heart beats, sea gulls, streams and many more. This is not only for a child's enjoyment, but an adult will feel the same peace.

Reducing The Stress Of Childhood

We think of ourselves as stressed because of all the things we are asked to do or control. Imagine the stress of living in a world of complete dependency. The touch of a loving hand helps to ease this stress.

Over time a gentle touch assures the child that they will be cared for when needs arise. Therapeutic music is another gift to the senses that reassures the child that everything will be alright. Visual objects around the room or about the crib can only serve the child while the eyes are open. Therapeutic music continues to soothe and reassures the eyes close and peaceful rest sets in.
Intangible Gifts Are Everlasting

Music is an intangible gift that lives in a child's mind, safe from the erosionary and destructive forces of time and environment. The songs we play or perform for our children are gifts that are carried inside. These gifts are with them through difficult times and times of celebration. Soothing repetitive music can build confidence that the love associated with the songs that last in their minds will also last forever.

More4kids is a leading provider of childrens music. Our newest product. Mommy I Can't Sleep is consists of 12 calming songs for your little one and can be bought right here. Listen to some sample songs below:

Click Here to Buy Me
Click Here to Buy Me
$14.95 plus $2 S&H (US shipping only)
Click Here to Buy Me

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Click below to hear a sample:

4. Pop Goes The Weasel

5. Ensy Weensy Spider

6. Mary Had A Little Lamb

7. Old MacDonald

8. Hush Little Baby

9. Fres Jacques

10. Three Blind Mice

11. Rock A Bye Baby

12. Puff The Magic Dragon

Total play time: 59 mins 25 secs

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February 2

Morgan Monroe @ 4:20 am #

Could this be the Nirvana of my fiance's grand kid, that seems to be nothing but a pain to her. I think the introduction of this music to his daily regimen would only help in his ADHD disorder.

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