Should Your Marriage Be Boring?

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I wanted to do a quick post on a great article I found by Dr. Neill On Keeping your Marriage Boring. Everyone wants an exciting marriage right? Excitement is fine as long as it is within certain boundaries, or rules. Dr. Neill defines those rules as "fidelity, honesty, openness, respect, caring and support". His article really hit home. A marriage can really fall apart if there is not a certain amount of predictability in it.

I would like to extend this thought to children.  Kids need to be able to depend on their parents and know what to expect. If you are constantly changing your mind or not there, off in self-indulgence, what kind of message is that going to send to them? What kind of person will they grow up to be? Being a bit boring and predictable as Dr. Neill describes it offers stability within the family unit. It does not mean you can't have fun and excitement, just as long as it is with your family and they know they can count on you. Already, I see my 4 year old son trying to emulate some of the things I do and say. It makes me think twice, especially when he repeats back to me things I did not even realize I said!! I love my family dearly and this has made me think and reflect what kind of role model I am to my sons, and how I can be a better husband. After all, none of us are perfect. What is important is that we continue to seek to improve ourselves and have a positive influence of those around us, expecially those we love and care for. kevin

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