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Fun April Holidays

April 2017 – Fun and Wacky Holidays

Fun April Holidays Holidays always present excellent teaching opportunities as well as fun activities for children and the entire family. Below are some of April’s fun holidays. April 1 – April Fools Day! This is always a fun day to perform practical jokes on people. April 2 –...

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March 2017 Calendar
Community Family

March 2017 – Fun and Wacky Holidays

Fun March Holidays for the entire family! March is full of fun holidays. Teach children how to celebrate by choosing holidays to celebrate.   Here are some March holidays worthy of celebration: March 10 – Mario Day. You know Mario, the fun little character on the very popular Nintendo...

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Dad and special needs son
Parenting All

Special Needs Parenting

Tips for Special Needs Parenting by Joy Burgess Parenting always comes with challenges, but the normal challenges that come with being a parent are often compounded for the parents of children with special needs. Just a few of the common challenges for parents may include: Coping with the...

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Christmast Wish

Christmas Blessings and Wishes

As the Christmas season comes to a head we at More4Kids want to wish you and your family the best of the Christmas season. May your Christmas wishes come true and may you and yours experience the true joy of the holiday. Pause for a moment and contemplate the true meaning of Christmas. If...

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Parenting All

What’s a Fair Curfew For Your Child?

by Lori Ramsey – real life parenting with a mom with 6 kids There is no set rule for naming a time for your child’s curfew. You need to look at the bigger picture. Decide on the curfew based on age, day of week, level of trust, and the event. We teach our children by giving them more and...

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Cyber Bullying Parenting All

8 Signs of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is an online danger that our most vulnerable face. Our children are at risk if they have social media accounts or a cell phone with texting capabilities. Even if you’ve done all you can to cyber bully proof your child, you still need to be vigilant in looking for the signs...

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