Some Common Parenting Questions

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Below are some questions we hear a lot. In the upcoming months we will try to tackle some of these issues. We would be interested in hearing from people what are their questions on concerns. Just respond to this article or contact us.

So, what is the most common parenting question that parents ask and what is the common answer to it? To limit the most common question to one would be a very difficult job. As such, here is a compilation of the five most common and an amalgamation of the conventional wisdom that make up the most common answers. If you have a different opinion just respond to this post, we would love to hear from you.

How do I address the fact that I don’t want my kid hanging out with another child who is a bad influence?

This is a classic parenting question. If you are worried about you child hanging around with a child who is a bad influence and want to avoid the child resenting your decision, you may opt to let them play together under you direct supervision.

Is there anything that truly defines what is a good parent?

This is a parenting question that has been asked for ages and the answer is always the same. A good parent is a parent who cares for their children and provides them with the mental, physical and spiritual support from childhood and into adulthood.

How do I know if a video game is too violent for my child?

This is a parenting question that reflects the concerns many parents have. The appropriateness level of a video game will be displayed right on its box cover. We know horror movies aren’t suitable for kids, but we never make the mistake of giving a horror movie to a child by mistake because the horror film attempted to hide its nature. If it did, that would be horrible marketing! Video games are no different in this regard.

Is there a right time to ask my twenty something child to move out of the family house?

The time to ask a “child” to move out is when they reach a level of maturity in age to move out and also have the financial means to do so. If they do not have the financial means, you need to ask the ‘child’ if they are making the right decisions in their professional life.

Should I tell my young child that he or she is becoming obese?

This is a parenting question that more should take seriously. Obesity is a major cause of heart disease, hypertension strokes and a host of other serious conditions. Adults learn their eating habits when they are children. There is no crime in teaching proper nutrition to a young child.

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