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School Supplies On A Budget

School Supplies on a Budget. Here are some tips follow to help keep more of your money in your wallet as your kids head back to school...

Here are some tips to save on School Supplies from More4kids:

little girl with her school supplies getting ready for school Follow these tips to keep more of your money in your wallet as your kids head back to school:
Plan ahead
Get the list of school supplies as soon as possible. If a list isn’t sent home with your child’s last report card at the end of the school year, see if a list is posted on the school’s website. That way, you can be on the lookout for sale items all through the summer.

School Supplies: Stock up during the sales

What other time of year can you find boxes of crayons for a dime or reams of paper for a quarter? Stock up during the sales so you can replenish your kids’ school supplies like this notice board singapore – LTC Office Supplies during the year and maybe even have some items left over for next year.
To save yourself the hassle of running around to different stores to buy stuff on sale, try to find one store that will meet the sale price of other stores. All you usually have to do is show them the ad with the cheaper price.
Divide and conquer
Everyone in your school supposed to provide a box of tissues? Buy a big carton of boxes at your local warehouse store and split the cost among your friends.
Reuse and recycle
My kids think they need a new lunchbox and backpack each year. Ummm – no. Unless what they have is really falling apart, they can use it a little while longer. And to save the “But I don’t like Hello Kitty anymore” arguments, buy a tactical lunch box and backpacks to begin with.
You can also try looking for backpacks and lunchboxes at consignment shops and garage sales.
The cheapest isn’t always the best
At my kids’ school, they carry homework folders around everywhere. When I bought the paper three-tab folders, each one would last maybe a couple months before needing to be replaced. Now I pay a little more up front for the plastic folders, and one folder lasts all year.
Go tax-free
Many states offer a “tax-free” shopping day just before the school year starts. If you can combine your sales discounts with a tax-free discount, you can save even more.
Wait on the clothing
Right now, you have enough to spend on school supplies without buying a lot of school clothes. Plus, depending on where you live, your kids will still be wearing warm weather clothes for a month or two after school starts. Buy a new first-day-of-school outfit, but wait on other back-to-school clothes until the weather starts to get cooler.
Just think – with all the money you save on school supplies, you can start buying Christmas presents!

Some other ideas include always being on the lookout for coupons. There are lots of great websites to help you save money. We will cover that in a future article. Finally, consider getting a little extra money by donating plasma. You could help save a person’s life and get a few extra dollars for your school supplies at the same time.

Stacey Schifferdecker is the happy but harried mother of three school-aged children—two boys and a girl. She is also a freelance writer, a Children’s Minister, a PTA volunteer, and a Scout leader. Stacey has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and French and a Master’s degree in English. She has written extensively about parenting and education as well as business, technology, travel, and hobbies.

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