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Parenting Tips for Surviving Spring Break with Young Kids!

Spring Break! What can you do to survive, with your sanity in tact? Here is a look at some great tips, ideas, and activities that you can use and you may just come out alive.

Surviving Spring Break with Your Sanity in Tact by Joy Belle

Young Family enjoying Spring Break Together
Young Family enjoying Spring Break Together

Spring break is almost upon us. No doubt your kids are excited about it but as parents, you may not have quite the enthusiasm. Spring is in the air, kids are antsy, and now they are going to be home from school for an entire week. What can you do to survive, with your sanity in tact at that? Here is a look at some great tips, ideas, and activities that you can use and you may just come out alive.

Great Activities for Kids to Enjoy on Spring Break (Keeping Them Busy is Half the Battle)

With some activities on hand, you’ll keep kids busy and keep them from getting bored, which is important to your survival. Others you’ll be dealing with those yells for “MOM” about every 10 minutes. Plan ahead and get together some fun activities.

One idea is to let kids make some colorful butterfly mobiles, which is great for younger kids and even preteens. Get some colored paper, some markets, some string, and get to it. You can use stencils to draw butterflies or let them get creative and draw their own. Then cut them out, decorate them, and attach them to the string for colorful and spring themed mobiles.

Another great activity is to let kids sponge paint flowers. Of course, prepare with paints that are washable and make sure they are wearing old clothes if they are going to use paints. Cover the table too. Newspaper does a great job. Give them some little sponges, some paper, paint, and let them get to it.

Outdoor Activities for the Kids

Of course, since the weather is getting a bit nicer now, allowing the kids to get outside when they can is a great idea. There are a variety of outdoor activities that they can enjoy. Plan some time for them to play on their own and then consider scheduling some outdoor activities with the whole family idea.

One great outdoor activity is to go on a bird watching trek. You can do this in the backyard, a local park, or around the neighborhood. Taking a stroll in the local parks while watching feeding the ducks and geese is also a fun activity that you can enjoy with the kids. Check out this best goose call for beginners that you can learn with your kids and try out in the park. Look for different types of birds, take a bird book, and enjoy trying to identify them.

Another option is to set up a treasure hunt outside in the back yard. While they are otherwise occupied, set it up and get the clues all set up. Then get them started and let them enjoy the treasure hunt, allowing you to deal with some tasks around your home while they are busy.

Family Vacation Ideas During Spring Break

If you have the time available, you may want to consider taking a family vacation during spring break. The kids are off school, and if you can get the time off, try finding a great kid friendly place to go on a vacation. This will keep everyone busy, you sane, and you’ll actually have some time to relax a bit. Here are some great family vacation ideas that you may want to consider during their spring break.

Washington DC – During the spring, Washington DC can be a beautiful place to visit. It is well known for its cherry trees and they have a Cherry Blossom Festival that is wonderful to attend. Not only can you enjoy the beauty and the festival, but there are many exciting and educational places that you can take the kids in the nation’s capital as well.

Hershey Park – Another family vacation destination to consider is Hershey Park, which is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Kids love chocolate, so they are sure to enjoy touring the chocolate factory. They will also enjoy the amusement park with great rides, and you’ll enjoy some of the great spas in the area.

Disney World – If you’re longing for warmer temperatures, consider taking the family to Disney World, which is in Orlando, Florida. Kids of all ages are sure to have a wonderful time meeting Disney Characters, enjoying shows, going on rides, and more. There are also Hotels Near Disney World where you and your family can stay so you won’t have to take a long commute to and from Disney World.

Tips for Surviving the Trip on Spring Break

If you’re going to go on a trip, such as a family vacation, during spring break, there are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you survive this trip. Follow these tips to make it a real vacation instead of a spring break disaster.

Tip #1- Avoid College Spring Break Areas

First of all, if you’re going to survive a vacation during spring break, make sure you avoid areas where college students go to celebrate spring break. The last thing you need is your kids being around that atmosphere when they are young. Also, it will be expensive and tough to book in popular areas for college students on spring break.

Tip #2 – Let Kids Move

When you are traveling, unless you want to lose all your hair, let the kids move around a bit. Stop from time to time to let kids get out and walk and run if you are driving. If you get involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, call an injury attorney to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Tip #3 – Keep Kids Busy

During car rides or plan rides, make sure you arrange to keep kids busy. Otherwise you and they will be climbing the walls after an hour. Bring along games, books, DVD players, CD players, and anything that will keep them quiet and busy. It will save you from hearing “Mom, are we there yet” quite so many times.

Tip #4 – Arrange for Adequate Accommodations

Make sure your accommodations are going to be adequate. The last thing you want is spring break cooped up in a tiny hotel room where no one can move. Ensure your accommodations are large enough for your family so everyone has some space of their own.

Finally, Spring Break can be a time for family activities and a time to bond closer with your kids.

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