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Parenting Tips of the Week: Teaching Compassion by Being Kind to Animals

Animals are an important part of our lives, and one way to teach compassion is to focus on how you can teach your kids how to be kinder to animals.

boy with his cat Animals are an important part of our lives, and one way to teach compassion is to focus on how we can teach our kids how to be kinder to animals. Many kids love animals and kids that learn kindness to animals while they are young end up growing up to be adults that are kinder to animals and humans alike. Not sure how to get your kids involved in animal kindness? Here are a few excellent ways we can teach our kids to be kind to animals.

Plan Special Pet Pamper Time

One idea is that you can teach our children to be kind to animals by planning some special pet pamper time. Today one of the big problems with pets for kids is that kid have so much more going on that they don’t spend much time with their pets. It’s easy for kids to get caught up in their video games or surfing the web and they don’t give pets the attention that they really need. To avoid this problem, try planning a special time when kids pamper their pet.

Pampering our pets doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Encourage kids to spend time simply brushing their pet, giving their pet a bath, playing with the pet, or even just giving them a belly rub. Some special time pampering the pet will not only do wonders for your pet, but it will be a special time for our child as well. Do it this week and then consider making it a regular occurrence in your home.

Take Kids Pet Gift Shopping

Another fun idea that can help you to teach kids about animal kindness is to take kids out pet gift shopping. Since this is a week to celebrate pets and the love they show to humans, why not take your child shopping for something special for your pet. Pets give so much to their owners and a gift is a great way to give something back to your pet.

There are many great pet stores out there that you can visit. You’ll find pet toys, pet homes, treats, special foods, and so much more. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive, but help your child find something special that your pet will really enjoy. Then once you get home, allow your child to present the gift to the pet. Kids will enjoy the shopping and then seeing the excitement of the pet when they give the special gift.

Volunteer with Your Kids at a Shelter

To take animal kindness one step further, why not volunteer with your kids at a local shelter for animals. Make it a family affair and get everyone involved. Check with local shelters to plan a time where you can come in and help out. Most shelters will be happy to have the help.

Taking your kids to the shelter and allowing them to help out will help them learn more about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. They’ll also learn more about animal protection and how important it is to take good care of animals. Let them clean cages, play with the dogs, walk the dogs, or play with other animals that are in the shelter. Explain to your kids why the animals are in the shelter as well so they learn about the sadness of pet neglect. Chances are your kids will go home and treat their pets even better than before.

Watch Great Pet Movies as a Family

As we celebrate our love for our pets, watching great pet movies as a family is a wonderful way to teach kids more about animals and about ways to be kind to animals. Older classics like Lassie make great family movie night ideas. Another newer movie about a pet is Marley & Me, which is another dog movie that goes through the life of a dog with his owners. These movies will teach kids how important pets are and how important loving and caring for pets is as well.

Go on a Wildlife Nature Hike

Going on a wildlife nature hike is a great way that you can teach kids about all kinds of animals and how incredible they really. Try to find a local park or other area where you can go on a nature hike and see some wildlife. To really focus on the animals, have the kids take a notebook and record all the different animals that they see while you are on the hike. If you don’t have an area to go hiking, consider checking out a local aquarium or a zoo in your area. This way kids get to see interesting and exciting animals and you can teach them how important preserving wildlife really is.

Adopting a Pet

Of course, if your family doesn’t already have a pet, this is the perfect one to consider getting one. Consider going to your local animal shelter and picking out a pet for the family. Shelters usually have kittens, older cats, puppies, older dogs, and they may have other animals to choose from as well. Teach your kids about the importance of adopting pets rather than buying from pet stores. When you adopt a pet, you save them from bad circumstances because pets that are not adopted eventually are euthanized. Adopting a pet together as a family is the perfect way to save a pet and to start teaching your kids even more about being kind to the animals.

While it’s a great idea to celebrate Be Kind to Animals week, remember that animal kindness is something that needs to be practiced all the time. Focus on it this week and continue to encourage kids to be kind to animals and show them love, affection, and respect.

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  • All good suggestions supporting a logical and strong concept. I would only add making your family vegan, or at least vegetarian, to demonstrate caring and compassion for all animals, trying to create the greatest good, and demonstrating consistency, rather than drawing the line between animals fortunate enough to be domesticated in our culture and those unlucky enough to be farm animals.

    Beyond that, great article!

  • Loving and caring animals and teaching the kids to love and care is one of the most important thing to make the children live in harmony with the Nature. They will love and respect the environment and care about it.

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