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Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation” Video, Then and Now

We often fail to remember the carefree thinking of our childhood. Jessica, however, and her ‘Daily Affirmation' video, reminds us that we can still be whatever we want to be - no matter our age.

jessica2We often fail to remember the carefree thinking of our childhood. Jessica, however, and her ‘Daily Affirmation’ video, reminds us that we can still be whatever we want to be – no matter our age. As a charming, curly-haired four-year old, Jessica’s viral video has her standing atop a bathroom vanity proclaiming her stance in life – “I can do anything good!” She continues listing a variety of things, as well as members of her family that she loves and how life, as she knew it at the time, was a wonderland.

It is rare that we see a child brimming with this level of enthusiasm and it makes all of us want to start our day just like her!

Jessica chants:

“My whole house is great. I can do anything good. I like my school. I like anything. I like my dad. I like my cousins. I like my aunts.”

Here is her original video:

Now, if we lived our lives by these rules – anything would be possible. Her enchanting and bubbly personality inspires us to wake up and grab life by the horns. Adults are much more inclined to adhere to a tightly spun routine of time frames, plans, and budgets. As a child, however, the world holds infinite possibilities and absolutely no limits. Sadly, much of this perspective changes with experience and age as people tend to become disillusioned by a world they did not understand before. Nonetheless, we are, for the most part, surrounded by people we love and who love us in return – and this deserves appreciation. Lucky for us, Jessica was able to jolt us into consciousness!

Jessica was four when she made that video, but now she is a twelve year old with an older, but still jubilant demeanor that makes her unmistakably the affirmation girl we’ve grown to love. She’s being interviewed after much buzz grew around her affirmation video inciting the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and a colony of YouTube followers. The original clip was posted on YouTube last June after she shared it with a couple of exclusive friends. Little did she know that it would turn viral and make her into an overnight celebrity – that’s how things go in this information driven world!

With a diverse set of interests, Jessica plans to one day be an interior designer or lawyer. Wow! As a straight A student and athlete, Jessica has proven to be more than just talk! More importantly, we see a family that has raised a levelheaded and sweet child who sees what she can do to change the world, instead of seeing how the world will change her. This is an important virtue to have in a societal construct that relies heavily on disenchantment and illusion. Of course, nothing is this world is inherently awful, as people have a tendency to make it that way. Whatever their story is, though, or wherever they come from, Jessica’s inspirational daily affirmation can shed a little bit of life and love on a sour situation.

Here is an interview of 12 year old Jessica:

Keeping positive can be a difficult task, especially in a world that can seem rather cruel at times. However, Jessica teaches us by appreciating what we do have and allowing ourselves to flourish no matter what the stakes, we can truly accomplish anything in a day. Besides, telling yourself that you can do anything good works wonders on the self-esteem. Too often, we grow to rely on others and inhibit ourselves by limitation. By affirming every day that we can do whatever it is we need to do will not only boost morale, it will help us shift our perspective from cannot to can. Jessica obviously has a great head on her shoulders and will definitely do well wherever life may take her. She has many years before she needs to make any real decisions concerning her direction but with an attitude like hers, an adage to the life saying of “if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!”, it’s an absolute certainty that she will succeed with flying colors.

Nevertheless, Jessica will be eternally remembered as that little girl who made us stop and think about the simple things in life.



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