25 Places that Kids Eat Free

"Kids Eat Free" - what delightful words a parent can hear. Here are 25 places that kids can eat free.
Kids Eat Free - Family Pizza Night
Kids Eat Free – Family Pizza Night

Eating out with your child can be a delight and a challenge all at the same time. You may feel delighted because you don’t have to cook dinner that night, but on the other hand a children’s meal can be almost as expensive as an adult meal or the portions may be too much for your child. Eating out is a luxury that you may have cut back on recently because of a tighter budget, but your children do not have to be another hindrance to you enjoying an occasional meal out. There are many places that offer children’s meals at a reduced cost if not free; all you have to do is know when and where. So for all you parents who are looking to eat out with your children without breaking the bank, here are 25 restaurant ideas that will provide a free meal to your child, and provide a great evening of family time too! Please check with your local restaurant as times, offers and locations may vary.

1. Chevys

If you and your family have a birthday or promotion to celebrate why not have a fiesta. At Chevy’s restaurant you will enjoy a wide variety of Mexican classics. For the kids, the menu is more limited, but the choices are still mostly Mexican food, save for the cheese burger. Also the meals are complete including sides, a drink and dessert. Depending on your location, kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal at least one day during the week (free days vary depending on your location; call your local Chevys or check online for free days in your area).

2. Marie Callender’s

For food that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy, even the picky ones, Marie Callender’s is a great place for the family. With big booths and tables, there is room for everyone to sit comfortably and enjoy dinner. The food available at Marie Callender’s is mostly traditional American cuisine and of course pies, lots of different pies. Children 12 years old and younger will eat free with the purchase of an adult meal on Tuesdays and Saturdays (day vary upon location).

3. Shari’s

For a quick and inexpensive meal Shari’s is a good choice for the whole family. They too serve mostly traditional American Fair and have large booths, tables, and booster seats available for the smaller ones in your family. Children can eat free on the weekends with the purchase of an adult meal. They are normally open late and early so if you have an early outing on the weekend, you can stop by for a fun breakfast of smiley face pancakes. The children’s menu has lots of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you will be sure to find something your child will enjoy.

4. Taco Del Mar

For a quick meal fix, Taco Del Mar is a good choice. While they may qualify as fast food, they don’t serve too much that is deep fried, but instead offer more freshly made food. On Sundays, children eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal. The kids menu is limited to tacos, burritos, rice, beans and quesadillas, which may not seem like much, but when it’s free it may just be enough to satisfy your tot.

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5. Golden Corral

If you like buffet style dining, Golden Corral will be a good option for you and your family. They offer lots a variety and spacious seating options. Children three years old and younger will always eat for free no matter what day it is.

6. Applebee’s

Always and easy pick for fun and casual family dining, Applebee’s is a great place to take the whole family. With walls covered in fun pictures and coloring material, your child may well be entertained for quite some time. Depending on your location, Applebee’s offers free children’s meals Monday-Thursday. The kids menu has four entrée choices and two dessert choices.


Who can say no to pancakes at any time of the day? If this is your family then IHOP will be the perfect place to take them out to eat at. The availability of the free kid’s meal will vary depending upon location. The kids menu has some nice choices for breakfast, but the lunch and dinner options are slightly limited, but since breakfast is served all day, finding the right meal for your child shouldn’t be too difficult.

8. Denny’s

For an all around pleaser, Denny’s may be the perfect place to take the family after a busy day of running around. Depending on location, children will eat for free at Denny’s with the purchase of an adult meal. Something to keep in mind if you are taking your children to Denny’s is that sometimes the restaurant can be crowded and noisy. The lower prices often make it a very popular place to eat. So before you go, just bare in mind that the noise level may make talking to your child a little more challenging and you may not get the exact seating you want if it is very busy.

9. Godfather’s Pizza

Most kids like pizza, so after the soccer match or a late band practice, this may well be the perfect end to a hectic day. At Godfather’s Pizza and buffet, kids 12 and under can eat for free from the buffet (specials vary depending upon location) with the purchase of one adult meal.

10. Lone Star Steakhouse

If you have been going to restaurants that are kid friendly but are simply not satisfied with the adult choices, then why not splurge a little bit and go out for steak. At Lone Star Steakhouse you can get a great meal for yourself while your child has a menu of special choices all to themselves. Every Tuesday, two children can eat for free from the kids menu with the purchase of an adult meal. The kids menu even has a steak choice and for added comfort and ease, they can allow additional cooling time for some menu items.

11. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Perkins is another great family restaurant that offers traditional American fair. Depending on location, they offer free children’s meals to kids 12 and under. The kids menu is not vast, but offers all the traditional favorites like hamburgers, cheese pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken tenders and more. The setting is generally mild and not overly noisy so distracted eater may not have much difficulty focusing on their food.

12. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Another easy Mexican restaurant to take the family to is Moe’s Southwest Grill. They offer free meals for children 12 and under on Mondays with the purchase of an adult meal. The Kids menu does not offer anything but Mexican food, so if you feel like Mexican food but your child does not, this may not be the best choice for you. Before you decide on eating at Moe’s you should double check to make sure your local restaurant offers free kids meals.

13. Tony Roma’s

Treating the family to a steak night does not have to be outrageously expensive. At Tony Roma’s, kids 12 and under eat free on Tuesday’s. Kids will get to choose from six different entrées an appetizer, a drink and a dessert.

14. Coco’s Restaurant

If you are feeling like a nice simple yet delightful and affordable meal, Coco’s Restaurant carries great menu items to please the whole family. Every day they offer fresh baked bread and other bakery treats. On Tuesday, kids ten and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal. Only one kid’s meal is free per adult meal. The kids menu has several different options and allows your child to choose their own sides.

15. Cody’s Original Roadhouse

Eating at Cody’s will give you an opportunity to enjoy a good steak or grill meal while eats for free. On Monday and Tuesday nights children 10 and under eat for free from the kids menu. Two children can eat for free per one adult meal purchased.

16. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Cantina

Another fun and festive Mexican restaurant the whole family can enjoy is Acapulco. On Saturdays they offer free kids meals until 3p.m. The atmosphere is family friendly and the staff is willing to sing happy birthday. The kids menu does have a few non-Mexican food options just in case you have a picky eater. They even offer non-alcoholic beverages for the kids to enjoy if you feel like sipping away at a margarita.

17. Champps

For good, traditional, American food, Champs is a great place to enjoy a nice dinner. On Tuesdays, kids get dinner for free with the purchase of an adult meal. Two children can eat for free per one adult.

18. Chick-fil-A

For a busy day, Chick-fil-A is a quick and fairly healthy option to feed the whole family. Chick-fil-A hosts a family night on Tuesdays where children will get a free meal when an adult combo meal is purchased.

19. Pizza Hut

Being a classic pizza restaurant, Pizza Hut restaurant offer a nice family setting and a salad bar to go with your pizza order. On Tuesday night’s children eat for free (dependant on location).

20. Garduno’s Restaurant

Free Mexican food is always great! At Garduno’s the whole family can enjoy authentic Mexican food and drinks in a festive atmosphere. Kids 12 and under can eat for free on Monday’s and Wednesday with the purchase of an adult entrée.

21. Indigo Joe’s

A laid back sports bar can be the perfect place for the whole family after a busy Monday. With a varied menu, featuring everything from fish to salads, the whole family is sure to be satisfied. On Mondays, kids eat for free from 5pm until they close.

22. Backyard Burgers

Burgers are usually an all around pleaser for anyone in the family. At Backyard Burgers, you can treat the whole family to a good burger without breaking the bank. On Tuesdays, between 4p.m. and closing, children 12 and under will eat for free with the purchase of on adult meal.

23. Ruby’s Diner

If you want dinner and a blast to the past, Ruby’s Diner will be a fun and exciting place for the whole family. On Tuesday nights starting at 4p.m., kids 12 and under get a free meal with the purchase of one adult meal. Their kids menu has several choices that are sure to tempt your child.

24. Firehouse Subs

This is one of our family favorites, and my youngest loves the firemans hat he receives 🙂 With a fire engine theme, your kids are sure to love Firehouse Subs and so will you. On hot days eating a good cold sub for dinner can be a great alternative to standing in a hot kitchen. Kids will eat for free on Wednesday and Sundays with the purchase of an adult combo meal (varies by location).

25. Carrow’s Restaurant

Traditional family food is always a plus, especially if you are trying to please a picky eater. At Carrow’s Restaurant you can find all the favorites on the kids menu, hamburgers, grilled cheese, pizza and more. On Thursday, after 4pm, kids ten and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal.

Disclaimer: Please note that while these were accurate at the time of this article, offers and locations may vary and end at any time. Please call your local restaurant beforehand. More4kids is not associated or affiliated in any way with any of the restaurant or offers above.

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