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The Child and the Rainbow

Beautiful Rainbow
An very beautiful rainbow forms after a rain shower
The story of the Child and the Rainbow. How a child realizes from a rainbow there is beauty in diversity.

The rainstorm had just ended and the boy and his father went out for a walk in the cool spring air. They both liked taking a walk together after a rainstorm. It was always so quiet and peaceful.

As they walked the boy suddenly turned to his father and asked, “Why do some people have different color skin?”

The father was slightly taken aback. It was such an abrupt question. What should he tell his son? He thought for a minute, and suddenly he paused…. He saw something in the distance.

He knelt on one knee and pointed to a rainbow forming. The father decided instead to ask his son a question. “What if a rainbow only had one color?”

The little boy looked at the rainbow. At first he looked confused and said “I would be very sad if a rainbow only had one color”.

Then the boys dad saw a smile on his sons face and a twinkle in his eyes. The boy blurted out excitedly, “God must be very smart to make the world so beautiful”.

The father then felt a lump in the back of his throat and a tear of pride on his left cheek. His 7 year old son had just grasped what so many people fail to grasp.

He turned to his son, rubbed him gently on his back, kissed his sons forehead and simply said “Yes He is smart”.

As the father stood up his child gently slipped his hand into his father’s hand.

Together they walked towards the rainbow.

“We are God’s Rainbow,
Where there is Diversity there is Beauty”

Where there is diversity there is beauty

Kevin Heath – More4kids International

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