Where Can You Learn Effective Parenting?

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Can you really learn effective parenting on the internet? That is a good question. Remember to take what you read with a grain of salt. There are many experts out there and you will need to figure out what works best for you, in your situation. Plus, if a biography is provided, read it. Is the person qualified, or a professional writer who can perform quality research? Is the website, an authoritive site? Is what the author suggesting supported by other articles from different sources? Those are just some of the questions to ask when reading something, whether or not it is on the internet. After all your children are your most precious resource, you want to be careful with advice.  

You are only limited by those limitations you put upon yourself. Don’t make the mistake of having a narrow minded outlook as to what will or won’t work as an effective method of a free parenting class based on an older learning model.

Developing the skill of effecting parenting is not an easy task. There is required a great deal of work, perseverance and discipline in order to become effective. And the risk vs. rewards is far different than developing a skill in a hobbyist pursuit. We are, after all, talking about parenting.

But what if someone wants to further develop their skills of effective parenting but does not know how to go about it? Where are they to look for inspiration on their journey of effective parenting education?

There are a variety of sources to draw from to learn effective parenting.

Books, Magazines, Periodicals

Old fashioned books and magazines are still a fountain of information on the art and science of effective parenting. New information as to what constitutes effective parenting is learned and recorded everyday. As such, there is never anything that can be regarded as an outdated or irrelevant medium.

Seminars and Workshops

This is for those of you who enjoy making an ‘event’ out of learning effective parenting.
Workshops and seminars can run a couple hours, a weekend, or even an entire week. They make a great learning environment that avoids the structure of a traditional, sterile classroom.

Videos and DVDs

People who say you can’t learn a skill from watching a videotape or DVD are guilty of just plain flat out not knowing what they are talking about. If someone is a visual learner, they can learn from watching material on TV. (Ever watch the History Channel?) Effective parenting informational material is well represented in the home learning market.

Support Groups

For those truly motivated to learn the skills of effective parenting but feel they are falling short of their potential may wish to seek out a support group. If one draws their inspiration from similar individuals in the same position, it can kick start the skill development process.

When it comes to learning effective parenting, lack of available information is an excuse that will not fly. As one can see in the above examples, there are numerous mediums where this information is made available. Don’t just sit there, take advantage of it!

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