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10 Heroes with Inspirational Stories That More4kids Loves (Part 2)


by Angie Schflett

Recently, we posted Part 1 of our series, “10 Heroes with Inspirational Stories That More4kids Loves”. In that series, you were introduced to five amazing kids that have made a difference in the lives of others. These included Elayna Hasty, Nicholas “Nico” Sierra, Leigh Dittman, Jessica Rees, and Ryan White. These children transformed their compassion and/or their personal virtue into some type of heroic and/or civil virtue. Each of the kids provided some degree of service to humanity and benefited others in need. The children that we will present here, in the second and final installment of this series, also meet the criterion for being considered a hero among many. The five children that you are about to be introduced to have made a true and significance difference in the lives of others, and the world as a whole!

Will Lourcey

Will is an amazing young man. At the age of seven, Will Lourcey observed a man holding a sign that stated, “Need a Meal”. He inquired of his parents why the man was holding the sign that said that he needed a meal. His parents then explained to him the issues of homelessness and hunger. He was immediately saddened by the fact that people suffered in this terrible way and wanted to help. Soon thereafter, he created an organization called, “FROGs”. It stands for “Friends Reaching Our Goals”. It was created so that he and his friends could raise money to help in the fight against hunger.

There were many activities that Will Lourcey and his friends engaged in to raise money. Examples included owning and operating a lemonade stand and then asking various businesses to sponsor children that participated in certain sports in the community. He was able to raise an amazing $20,000 that he gave to a food bank in the State of Texas. This amount was able to provide well over 75,000 meals to those that needed nourishment. His story has been so inspirational to those in and around the nation that Will Lourcey actually got the opportunity to write for the blog of the White House! To learn more about Will Lourcey and his work, click on the following links:

Finding Fun Ways to Fight Hunger:

FROGS – Friends Reaching Our Goals:


Valerie Weisler

valerieValerie Weisler realized at the age of 14 that teenagers simply have a desire to be validated. Just a few days before starting high school, Valerie’s parents divorced. That, coupled with the new high school environment, made for a rough start. Most of her classmates referred to her as being “mute” because she did not speak very much. In the year of 2013, Valerie Weisler observed a male classmate being bullied for being overweight. She went directly to the boy and told him, “You matter”. Immediately upon doing this, the boy informed her that he was planning on taking his own life that day. He then informed her that he words validated him. That night, she Googled the word “validation”. Immediately upon discovering its meaning, she took $25 of her money and purchased a web domain. It was then that her organization, “The Validation Project”, was created.

Valerie Weisler founded her organization in January of 2013. Today, it is an international-based organization that holds a commitment to encouraging teenagers around the world to use the talents and skills that they possess to make a difference in the world. The organization provides volunteering opportunities, leadership development resources, mentors, community service programs for hours, recommendations for colleges, and a vast array of other advantages. Additionally, the organization has raised awareness of serious worldwide complications such as domestic violence, bullying, special needs, racial equality, and homelessness. To read more about Valerie Weisler and her contributions to the world, visit the links below:

The Validation Project:

From Bullied Teen to 17-Year-Old CEO:

Read her CNN Interview

Cassandra Lin

The next amazing kid hero that More4kids loves is a girl by the name of Cassandra Lin. At the age of just 10 years old, Cassandra Lin felt compelled to engage in an activity that would be positive and productive for the environment. She also wanted to assist those that were less fortunate that lived in her region in Rhode Island. She came up with an idea with her friends that they called, “Project TGIF”. The “TGIF” stands for “Turning Grease into Fuel”. Basically, her organization obtains used oil and grease from homes and restaurants in their community and engages in a process that refines it. Once this process is completely finished, they distribute it to families so that they have the capability of heating their homes during the harsh winters in the area.

To date, Cassandra Lin and her helpers have collected well over 130,000 gallons of oil and have donated a whopping $81,000 so that biofuels may be purchased. As a result of her efforts and the efforts of those on her team, well over 200 homes have been heated, and over 2 million pounds of emissions of carbon dioxide have been offset from the environment. Furthermore, they pushed for all businesses in Rhode Island to recycle any cooking oil that has been used. Her goal now is to have this program implemented throughout the entire New England region. For more information on Cassandra Lin, click on the following links:

Kids Turning Grease into Fuel:

The WIN Team:

Alexandra Scott

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was born in Manchester, Connecticut on the 18th day of January in 1996. She was the second child of a total of four to Liz Scott and Jay Scott. A short time before she turned one year old, she was diagnosed with a childhood cancer called, “neuroblastoma”. When she turned one, doctors informed the family that if she was able to beat her condition, she would probably never walk again. Just a couple of weeks later, she kicked. This displayed her courage, her confidence, and her determination. Years went by, her tumor grew, and treatments were provided to Alex. Immediately following a stem cell transplant after her fourth birthday, Alex Scott told her mom that she wanted to make a lemonade stand so that she could give money to medical professionals to help children as they had helped her.

Later that year, she and her older brother made the stand and they were able to raise $2,000 for the doctors at the hospital. As news traveled around the world, more people made their own lemonade stands. They donated their money to Alex and the doctors that she so desired to help. In August of 2004, Alex passed away at the tender age of eight. By that time, she and helpers from around the world had raised well over $1 million to aid in finding a cure for her disease. Today, her family and people from all over the world continue to fund her dream and continue her legacy through the “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation”. We kindly ask you to keep the family in your thoughts and prayers and to keep Alex’s dream alive. To learn more about Alexandra “Alex” Scott, click on the links below:

Fighting Cancer One Cup of Lemonade at a Time:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation:

Zach Bonner

Zach Bonner is an American-based philanthropist and the founder of the charity known as the “Little Red Wagon Foundation”. When he was just seven years old, he founded this unique organization with the goal of helping the 1.3 million children in the United States that were homeless. In the year of 2007, he started a special project titled, “My House to the White House”. The purpose and intent of this project was to raise awareness and money for the children without homes throughout the nation. First, he walked from Tampa to Tallahassee. Then, he walked from Tallahassee to Atlanta. From there, he walked another 668 miles to Washington D.C.

Zach Bonner did another project titled, “March Across America”. It was here that he walked 2,448 miles from Tampa, Florida to Los Angeles, California. In the year of 2012, a film was released that documents Zach Bonner’s work, called, “Little Red Wagon”. To date, Zach Bonner has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for homeless children. Furthermore, the Office Depot Foundation donated backpacks to kids in need for every mile that he walked. Today, Zach Bonner is dedicated to opening a resource center in Tampa that will provide kids with clothes and foods. The center hopes to also integrate technology so that the kids may use computers. More4kids will continue to monitor Zach Bonner’s progress as he continues to help the needy. For more information about Zach Bonner, click on the following links:

Little Red Wagon Foundation:

Teen Zach Bonner Builds an Impressive Track Record of Helping Others:

Inspirational Stories Continue to Abound

In our series, “10 Heroes with Inspirational Stories That More4kids Loves”, you have been introduced to 10 of the most amazing and loveable kids in our nation – Elayna Hasty, Nicholas “Nico” Sierra, Leigh Dittman, Jessica Rees, Ryan White, Valerie Weisler, Will Lourcey, Cassandra Lin, Alexandra “Alex” Scott, and Zach Bonner. Each of these very special kids have contributed to the world in fascinating ways. While some of our favorites may currently be deceased, teens, or even adults, their childhood stories continue to amaze and thrill us. Each has left behind a legacy for other child and adults, alike.


As parents, we should share these amazing stories with our children. Not only will these stories inspire them, they will teach them that they each have the unique ability to make a significant difference in the world. We should always work to encourage our children to fulfill their dreams We should stand by their side and work with them. We all have a unique purpose in life. Each of us are special – regardless of age, race, or gender. Do you have an inspirational story of a special kid in your life? If so, please contact us and let us know. We would love to share your stories with our readers! Now that you have been introduced to these inspirational kid heroes, we encourage you to share these stories and take part – in your own way – in helping these individuals with the dreams and goals that they had in life. All it takes is a little time, a little creativity, and a commitment to make the world a better place, and we all have the unique capability of being a hero!


Angie ShiflettAngie Shiflett is a professional writer that focuses on writing on an assortment of topics. Currently, her passion is homeschooling. She has been homeschooling her children through The Connections Academy for two years now. Both her and her husband are able to remain at home with their children in order to educate them. They place a high emphasis on family, and dedication to the importance of a proper education.

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