Parenting And Using Rewards For Good Behavior

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Whether you have a young child or not, kids sometimes need is a little encouragement and positive reinforcement to ensure they are on their best behavior. Using a rewards system for good behavior is a controversial subject. While some proponents believe it can be a good thing; others think it can be overused, thus having no affect at all. Here are a few positive reinforcement ideas for kids. If used properly and in moderation, can help you tame an unruly child.

How do you reward your child for ? Do you buy a toy which he or she has been asking for? Do you allow them an extra hour of TV? Or do you use another approach? There are several methods you can use to reward your child for good behavior which will not cost anything at all. One is praise. Children need to feel loved and accepted. Praising them for an accomplishment or behavior can reinforce that love.
According to experts, verbal is very powerful. Yes, words are very powerful; and when used appropriately can make all the difference in the world to a child. It is positive reinforcement at its very best.

If your child had an especially good day in school; or shared with other children during playtime; or helped you with a specific chore at home; reward the child by allowing him to pick a movie, or choose what to have for supper, or allow additional time for his favorite TV program. Another choice would be to give the child a day off from walking the pet, or taking out the garbage for a week. While rewarding a child for good behavior may seem appropriate; it can be overused to such a degree that the child would do anything for that particular reward.

To infuse good behavior is to properly raise the child from the get-go. Certainly, children at some time become unruly; but the reward system may work one time, and one time only. Using to ensure your child has not only been good, but is loved and accepted for who he or she is. Once that is established, the rest will follow.

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