Discipline And Your Toddler

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Disipline is becoming a very controversial topic, especially with proposals in some states making spanking illegal and equating it to child abuse. Thats a whole debate for a seperate article. This article will explore alternatives to this type of discipline, alternatives that have worked very well for my family. Parenting effectively can be one of the hardest task any person can undertake, and yet many parents are quite oblivious when it comes to how to go about instilling discipline into their children. There are a vast amount of toddler discipline approaches which abound in our modern times, and many contain very helpful and important information. It is important to approach your particular child as a unique individual while at the same time laying the ground rules of who is actually “in charge” in the home. Children learn at a very young age how to manipulate and control their parents in order to get their way in a situation. Therefore, taking care of toddler discipline while the child is still quite young is a very important step to a child’s future life and well-being.

Toddler Discipline: A Necessary Part of Learning For Parent And Child

Often, parents are hesitant to their toddlers in any way for fear of stifling their “spirit” or because they are under the false assumption that their child will not understand why they are being punished. While it is true that a very small newborn would not understand, one cannot say the same for an older baby. Once the child is speaking a word or two coherently, they can understand the word “no” quite well. Withholding discipline from your child assures that he/she will have a much harder road as a teenager and adult than they would have had you taken the time to teach and train them. Whining and throwing a tantrum may be funny at age two, but it is anything but a thrill at age 16.

Effective parenting matches the punishment with the offense. Not every situation warrent the same approach. Various discipline approaches abound for , and each has their own merits and weaknesses. The “time-out” approach has become popular for some in recent years and seems to work for certain types of children, mainly those who do not like to sit still and be alone. Yet, training your toddler involves more than just removing him/her from the situation. It requires explaining and reinforcing principles over and over, time and time again. Spanking is another form of toddler discipline and can be quite effective when done in the proper manner. Spanking a child when angry or while screaming at the child is counter-productive to say the least and does not produce the desired results of learning. A child may be bullied or afraid of you, but he/she certainly will not learn to respect authority in this way.

Approaching toddler discipline with calmness, love and patience is the best way to ensure the proper training for your child. Whatever method is chosen, the toddler must constantly receive positive reinforcement about their value to you, how much you love them and how special they are. They need to know that you discipline them because you care for them and want them to know right from wrong. They will respect the boundaries and limits that you set. In fact, they desire boundaries as an indication that you care. Make sure any discipline is done decisively and both parents back each other. Toddler discipline is one fundamental way to say, “I love you” to your child.

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