Kids And The Importance Of Rituals

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Parenting is tough and it is an continual leaning process. One thing I have noticed over the past few years I have noticed how important it is to be consistance with children. That consistance helps bring a sense of safety and security and they come to expect certain behavior from their parents. When those behaviors are not cosistant it can lead to confusion and unpredictable behavior from kids. 
Over the past few yeas I have also noticed how small children try to emulate what their parents do or say and how how important. It is funny how often I see my son Kailan repeating or doing something I am doing. It is also a bit scary  . Right now I am away on a trip. My wife called me and told me I had been replaced! Uhh, I said? She went on to explain in my absense my son is calling himself the "the man in the house". That kind of choked me up a bit when I heard that. My four year old son is really growing up, and he is taking pride helping up his mom, taking responsibility and being the "man in the house" as he calls himself.
I started out by discussing the importance of consistancy and as what we can do to help provide order to a child life. Another example would be that you can name that consistant behavior. The time we go to the park or do something together we call "Family time" or when we eat dinner together it is our "Dinner Family Time". Bedtime is also should be done in the same way, bath, jammies, teeth, daddy filling up a sipper cup of water, mornings getting ready for school, picking up toys after playing with them, etc. Adding consistancy in a childs everyday life helps they know what is expected from them, just as consistancy in our behavior as parents shows a child how we want them to act.
I feel that all this is very important to a for them to grow emotionally and be wellp-adjusted. While as parents we are not always perfect, we can try to set good examples, be consistant in our actions,when interacting and communicating with our little ones so that they will emulate good behavior. Parenting is a learning process, we have to find what works and what does not, and as we affect the lives of our children that also affect our lives in so many different ways, but that could be a topic for another post. I would be interested in hearing what other people think about the importance of cosistancy and setting good examples for our children. kevin

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