A Defining Parenting Moment

As parents we can easily get wrapped up with work, life and other obligations. However, part of having kids and parenting is to always find the time for them. Here is a video from Jeff Yalden on the importance of time with your kids, even if it is a few minutes.

Here is the video that Jeff Yalden, a teen motivational coach recently shared with me on the importance of spending time with your kids, even if it’s just a few minutes:  

Additional thoughts from Kevin at More4kids: As parents we can easily get wrapped up with work, life, seemingly impossible deadlines, and other obligations. To make matters worse, some parents have to travel for work which causes even less time to be spent with their kids. In this economy sometimes what we do just to keep the house over our families heads and food on the table also causes us to spend less and less time with our kids. However, now matter how pressed we are, we MUST find time for our kids, and it does not have to be a lot of time to make a difference. It may be a phone call to the family during the day to check up on everyone, or a good night call when traveling.

These small moments can be a defining moment in your child’s life. It tells them you care and think about them all the time. The last thing we want our kids to do is think that we don’t love them. That will affect them the rest of our lives. The most important thing, no matter how busy and crazy things are is our lives, is to keep the connection with our kids, and let them know you will be there when they need you, no matter what.

Jeff Yalden is a teen life coach, a youth motivational speaker. He is a very busy person, parent, uncle, that really ‘gets it’. In the video below he shares his philosophy that family comes first and that no matter how busy you are you need to be there and find time for your kids. You can view more great motivational videos by Jeff at his website:

“What moment in your child’s live will be their defining moment? No matter what, keep the connection!” – kevin

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