Trendy Teen Fashions – What is HOT and what is NOT

2009 is here and it is no secret that teens (and girls 10-12) are as much into the spring and summer fashions as any adult. The new spring and summer colors are charming and totally cool. Here are some of the latest teen fashions and styles.

two young teenage friends shoppingWhen it comes to styles, there is always an enormous amount of excitement in seeing just what the New Year will offer….especially from the perspective of the top designers and clothing manufacturers.

2009 is here and it is no secret that teens (and girls 10-12) are as much into the spring and summer fashions as any adult. There is a tremendous amount of anticipation about the latest fashions and this year promises to be spectacular and colorful as designers debut their new looks, the best thing about this is that this year people will have the opportunity of buying plus sized clothing a well. 

Don’t be surprised if your younger ones are already been rifling through the pages of glossy catalogs and style magazines and making online searches just to see just what’s hot and what’s not. Parents can also find out which new and trendy items are making waves for all young girls this fashion season, and use their savvy style sense to impress and delight the teens in their lives.

Gone with the winter doldrums are those dark navy blues, drab browns, and boring grey colors. The new spring and summer colors are charming and totally cool. The top shades are softer and they have a young and vibrant look that turns casual chic into a ravishing, hip look. Those neon shades and darker colors can be pushed to the back of the closet as warmer colors march into style.

While tees are still a fashion favorite, prepare to see more of the body skimming baby doll tops. Many of these are now featuring spaghetti straps, one shoulder designs and off the shoulder ruffles. Two of the big looks for tops that are being presented this season are ruffles and sheer fabrics. Teens are totally impressed with the addition of a more feminine and delicate look that designers are going for.

Plaids and checks have hit the back burners and ribbed knits have gone onto the fashion skids. The deeper cut V-neck tee shirts are losing ground and they are definitely not hot this season. Fashion conscious girls are going to be pairing more of the tunic style tops and loose fitting tops with their skirts and jeans.

Be prepared to see orange, green, and raspberry as the hot new shades of stylish young divas. These are not the bright neons that blind the eyes, but are much softer shades that have a fresh and youthful vibe. One of the biggest spring colors is dazzling periwinkle that is complementary to every skin tone.

You will see these colors used alone but also appearing in some great op art prints that bring new fun and personality to tees, tops, and sundresses. These fabric prints will showcase orange, raspberry, sunny yellow and delightful aqua colors. When you see these new preview fashions, you will find yourself comparing the colors to those of tasty sherbets.

Jeans are still ruling the fashion world and the darker indigo colors are holding fast to the top of the chart when it comes to popularity. The skinny-legged jean is beginning to lose some ground as the looser fits inch up the popularity ladder. The distressed jeans are also falling fast from favor with trendy teens with a fashion forward look.

Look for pants that are made in fabrics with sparkling, iridescent shades. These shimmery charmers are being offered by many of the top retailers, including fashion forward Nordstrom. Another trend-setting look for teens is shorts, slacks and tops in khaki and ivory colors. These pieces feature the safari look and are brimming with way cool Aussie attitude.

The delicate colors create just the right amount of wow factor for teens without going over the top. When paired with a soft baby doll top with a ruffled neckline you have a fantastic, trendy combination that is able to take you to any bash.

Accessories are always a way to be in style while tying a look together and this year Bow belts and cheap glasses uk are sizzling hot. Chain belts are out, and so are those that are made of other glittery metallic material. Feminine leather and cloth belts with pert little bow fasteners are being used to accent and highlight many pants, skirts and dresses. An acceptable alternative is to use a scarf as a belt and finish it off with a hand tied bow.

Necklaces and bracelets are also big fashion accessories for the season and the bolder and more unique the hotter the look. Keep an eye out for jewelry and hair clips that embrace the beauty of butterflies. Metallic looking necklaces are not as hot as those that are made from colorful, natural elements. The trend is to use organic materials in jewelry pieces today and cork, wood, and shells are stunning little highlights. You will find also many of these funky little accessories being made from hand painted clay beads.

Girls of all ages can still look fashionable and rock the style world in their favorite jeans and tee if they follow a couple of simple rules. The screen-printed faces on tee shirts is passe and should be ditched. Don’t wear tops that feature outdated events, this defeats your attempt to totally rock a really hip look. Remember that those totally black jeans need to be left in the closet, use stonewash, or indigo shades instead.


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