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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

There are all kinds of crafts that can be created based on the Christmas theme. Here are some fun and enjoyable Christmas Crafts for Kids...

child crafted elfIf you are in search of Christmas craft ideas for kids, you are in the right location. This helpful and creative guide will help introduce you to some fun and exciting crafts that your children are sure to enjoy! There are all kinds of crafts that can be created based on the Christmas theme. Whether you want to create gifts that the child can give to friends and family members, a decorative centerpiece, or simple decorations for the tree or home, there is a Christmas craft that can help you do just that! Here, you will find some Christmas craft ideas for kids that can be enjoyed by children of all ages!

TV Guide Christmas Tree

As a child, I was introduced to the TV Guide Christmas Tree by my mother who discovered information on how to create this Christmas craft in one of her magazines. While I do remember it was a time consuming task, I also remember having a lot of fun with it! There are just a few things that are required to complete this project: an old TV Guide, some spray paint, and a stapler. All the child has to do is fold the pages of the TV Guide down so that it reflects a Christmas tree as far as the slope is concerned. Once all the pages are done, the center pieces can be stapled. Once stapled, the child can spray paint it green, white, blue, red, or any other decorative color that reflects the festive Christmas season!

Christian Sand Art Magnets

48 3693show?id=U*q6oLwEVto&bids=10012 Christian sand art magnets can be a great Christmas craft for children! Once the children create these magnets, they can give them to friends, teachers, neighbors, and even family members as nice gifts for the season! You can never have enough magnets. There are many different types of Christian designs that can be chosen from, but the cross is the most popular option. You can choose from all sizes, and designs. In addition to this, there are several different colored sands that can be purchased to make the magnet very attractive once it is completed! If you are lucky, you can find a craft kit that comes with the crosses, the sand, and funnels to make this an easier type of project – especially for younger kids!



Christmas Stocking Decorating
There are many different types of Christmas Stockings that can be purchased this holiday season. Some are decorated upon purchase, and others are not. For this project, you will want to purchase the stockings that are not decorated. You will want to then purchase fabric paints, foam stickers, and other types of decorative items that can be used by your kids so that they can decorate stockings for themselves and even their pets if they wish! There are several sizes that you can buy when it comes to the stockings for this particular project. If your child wants to offer them as gifts, you may want to get small ones that can be filled with candy and other little novelty items.

Gingerbread Picture Magnet

If you want to help your child create Christmas gifts for people in the family, such as their grandparents, aunts, and uncles, you may consider the gingerbread picture magnet. This type of project is normally sold in a craft kit that consists of various pieces to make the project complete. Typically, it is created using decorative foam pieces that come together to make a great Christmas craft for kids! If you buy it in a craft kit, you will typically have pieces that look like candy canes, little pieces of candy, and even snow and heart pieces! Then, you will bring the pieces together to create a nicely decorated Christmas picture frame! Once the children have completed their project, they will then paste a picture of themselves in the center of it.


There are many different Christmas craft ideas that can be fun and exciting for kids of all ages! If you are looking to allow the children the opportunity to create their first Christmas decoration or to make a gift for someone special in their lives, all of these ideas can prove to be highly effective and enjoyable! Be sure to check out our other holiday guides that provide information on holiday crafts that can be enjoyed by the entire family!

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