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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

There are many Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids. In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to many Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids that both you, and the child or children that you work with will find very entertaining.

There are many ways to make Thansgiving fun and special and there are many Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids you can work with on with your child. If you are a parent, teacher, Sunday School teacher, or work around children in any other type of profession, you will be interested to discover that there are a large number of crafts available for all holidays – especially Thanksgiving! You can discover ideas for toddlers, school age children, and even teenagers if you find the right resources. In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to many Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids that both you, and the child or children that you work with will find very entertaining.

Tree of Thanks

One of the most favored Thanksgiving craft ideas of today is creating the ever-popular “Tree of Thanks”. This is a tree that is actually composed of foam. This craft project typically comes in the form of a kit that includes several different colored “fall” leaves, and a tree base. This makes a great craft for children as young as preschool age. All you have to do is provide some markers that the children can use to write down certain things that they are thankful for, or what they considered to be “blessings” in their lives. In most cases, this kit comes with many additional pieces so that more than one project can be completed. This means that there are plenty of pieces for small classes, or groups!

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Thanksgiving Wreath

The “Thanksgiving Wreath” is another fun craft that is based on the same concept as the “Tree of Thanks”; only the “fall” leaves that are included in the craft kit that you will normally purchase to create the wreath will form in a circular motion in order to hang the completed craft like a standard wreath. Children can simply write what they feel that they can be thankful for this season. Once all of the leaves have been written on, you can then assist them in the process of making the pieces stick together. Once this is done, you simply attach some yarn to the back side so that it can be displayed. If you like, you can even put a piece of backing in the center of the wreath and place a picture of the child on it so that it can be displayed with pride!

Native American Headbands!

No Thanksgiving is complete without some tales of Pilgrims and Native Americans. Now, your child or the group of children that you work with can create their very own Native American headbands to display their love of both the Native Americans that introduced us to the holiday and the holiday too! There are craft kits that can be purchased that have pieces that are composed of foam that the children can use to create their decorative headdress. This is the best type to create seeing that those that are constructed of construction paper often fall apart relatively quickly. However, those that are created from foam are much more durable. This means that kids can play rougher, longer and get great use out of them! If you are seeking out fun Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids, this is a great option. 
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Thanksgiving Bead Necklaces

If you have a daughter, or a group of kids that you work with that are girls, they may enjoy the pleasure of creating Thanksgiving bead necklaces. You can find beads that look like pumpkins, leaves, corn on the cob, Native American headdresses, Pilgrim hats, and more in today’s arts and crafts department of any department store like Wal-Mart and even on various websites that sell crafts and similar items on the internet! Children can take the beads and small pieces of yarn or necklace cord and create Thanksgiving necklaces that can be worn by them, or created for family members! This can be a great craft for boys too! They can create their own, unique necklaces, or provide them to family members as a way to express their thanks for that person this Thanksgiving!

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In Summary

If you are seeking out craft activities that are centered around Thanksgiving this year, you will find that there is a large selection available! No matter how you relate to children, or what their age group, there are many different crafts available for all age groups! Thank you for checking out my “Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids”! Be sure to watch for upcoming guides for Christmas, and other holidays!No part of this article may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express permission of More4Kids Inc © 2008 All Rights Reserved

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