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Mothers Day for Grandmas – Gifts She Will Love

Grandmas love surprises, and there is nothing more special than a homemade gift that comes from the heart, even if they don’t have a use for the gift. Here are a few ideas she will love...

great-grandma-and-grandson.jpgGrandmas love surprises, and there is nothing more special than a homemade gift that comes from the heart, even if they don’t have a use for the gift. They know just how to fawn over present given in love. Here are a few ideas Mom and Grandchildren can work on together to make Mothers Day extra special:

  1. Potpourri pies are popular in gift stores. Here’s how your little one can create a similar experience. Create this pie with a disposable pie shell. Make a bottom pie crust out of flour/salt dough. Add a potpourri that smells like your grandmother’s favorite scent, and then create a lattice pattern out of the dough. Cover the potpourri and allow the dough to harden overnight. To enjoy the potpourri, “bake” the pie in a warm oven.
  2. What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Make Grandma a perler bead necklace. Perler beads are short pieces of plastic that are specially made to fuse together when heated with an ordinary household iron. You can buy kits at any craft store; the kits come in a variety of colors and sizes to make multiple patterns. After you have fused the beads together in whatever shape you desire (a heart would be great), why not hot glue some ribbon, sequins, or plastic gems on to make each a one-of-a-kind gift.
  3. This is another gift that Mom will have to help make, but it could be a lot of fun for both of you. Buy at least 8 ounces of clear glycerin (you should be able to find this at a major craft store), a soap mold, and a very small bottle of lemon essential oil (or Grandma’s favorite scent). You will also need yellow food coloring, 6 tablespoons of corn meal, and 2 teaspoons of poppy seeds. Melt the glycerin according to directions, then add 2 drops of food coloring and 2 drops of lemon oil. Add the corn meal and poppy seeds and stir very well. Pour the mixture into the mold and allow it to sit until firm. Remove it from the mold and place into a small basket.
  4. Help your child make Grandma a great pillow without having to sew. Purchase a floral polar fleece large enough to make a pillow from and some fiberfill to stuff it. Cut this out into two pieces in the shape of a heart, about two and a half inches larger than the finished project should be. Mom, carefully cut a fringe about an inch apart all around the fabric. Line up the fabric wrong sides together and then double knot each fringe, leaving a few pieces untied so you can fill the pillow. Fill the pillow and then finish filling it up, making it as fluffy as you would like. You can leave the pillow as is or decorate with paint markers, or any way your child would like to decorate it.
  5. If you really want to tug on Grandma’s heart strings, find photos with your children and Grandma in them. Create a small memory book with the pictures in it. Have the children write the descriptions for each one, explaining what they remember about that particular time. Pre-made scrapbooks would be great for this, and your child could decorate it they like, as well.

Lets make this Mother’s Day extra special and let our mothers and grandmothers know how much we love them. Each of the above  gifts made by your children will make Grandma’s day one to remember. Not only will she know that your child loves her, but she’ll treasure each gift that was made especially for her.


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