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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities and Gifts for Kids

valentines day and kids

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it represents a day children love to celebrate. It doesn’t mean sweethearts and lovers, it means a day to celebrate love which can be shown in so many ways. We love our friends and family, we love that special someone, and we’re supposed to love all.

Crafty Valentine’s Party

Idea – Valentine’s Cards

Why does a Valentine’s Day party have to come with ready made Valentines? Have a party where making the Valentine is the theme. Children can make a Valentine for a specific person, or they can make a generic Valentine. Or have the children draw names, that way no one is left out. Then sit down and get to creating.


Craft paper – construction paper, colored paper or thin paper plates







And anything that can be glued to a Valentine card.

Paint Party

Photo Frames with glass


Paint Brushes

Remove the glass from the frame and paint a masterpiece. Let the paint dry and replace the frame, instant framed painting to give to someone (think parent or guardian keepsake.)

Baking Party

Make sugar cookies in the shape of hearts. Decorate accordingly. Share with others.


Cookie dough

Colored icing


Cookie cutters

Edible Jewelry

Make bracelets and necklaces out of round candies (the kind with a hole in the middle) or out of oat or fruity cereal. Use elastic string for easy tying.
Older children can “sew” gummy bears or jelly beans into a necklace with the use of a large sewing needle.


Older Children with Younger Children Crafts

Pair older children with younger children and have the older children help the younger children create Valentine Cards.

Hand Print Keepsakes


Construction paper

Red paint


Frames (optional)

Have the children dip the palms of their hands into the red paint and place on a paper with the thumbs and forefingers making the shape of a heart.  Write their name and date along with Happy Valentine’s Day above or below it.  Frame it and give it to a parent or guardian.

These Valentine Ideas can be used for other holidays as well. Substitute hearts for shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Or flowers and baskets and bunnies for Easter.

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