Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

There are a number of Valentine's Day gifts for kids that make great ideas for the occasions. These gifts may be given to a kid, or kids may exchange these gifts. Here are a couple of our favorites...

valentines-day-hearts.jpgKids everywhere love Valentine’s Day! The candy, fun and excitement of telling others how much they love and care for them, and the feeling of being special are enough to mesmerize any young child. There are a number of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that make great ideas for the occasions. These gifts may be given to a kid, or kids may exchange these gifts. If you are in the market for great Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, you have come to the right place! Keep reading for wonderful ideas!

Valentine’s Day Crayons

Every kid loves crayons! Parents everywhere can associate with me when I speak of those little stubs and pieces of crayons that kids tend to collect. Crayons may become worn down, or broken. Most kids prefer whole crayons that are in one piece rather than one crayon that are broken down into many different pieces. However, they seem to love to hold on to those little pieces. Why not encourage them to do something really creative this Valentine’s Day? Have them create Valentine’s Day Crayons that they can give their friends.

For this gift idea, you will need a cookie sheet, or mold, that has designs that reflect hearts. Next, you will simply gather all those little stubby crayons and arrange them within each section of the mold. Many would melt the crayons down beforehand, but what fun would that be? Just how festive would the colors be? Not very much fun or festive! Your child can help arrange the colors in a certain way. One may choose to outline the outer part with red crayon pieces and the inside with pink crayon pieces. Another child may choose to go for the rainbow effect and just make it with no design and all kinds of colors!

Next, you will want to place the pan in the oven and bake for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You will want to ensure that the crayons are melted completely prior to removing them from the oven. Once this achieved, take the cookie mold pan out of the oven and allow it to completely cool. This may take a couple of hours. During this time, you may want to assist your child in creating some homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Once the sheet has cooled, the Valentine’s Day Crayons should fall easily from the pan. You should then take some red or pink yarn and a yarn needle. Run this through the Valentine’s Day Card and then through the top corner of the heart! Now, your kid can give these crayons and cards to their friends, classmates, and relatives!

Valentine’s Day DVD Cards

If you want to create a special Valentine’s Day Gift for your kid, or you want to help your child create a great gift for another, you may want to create a Valentine’s Day DVD Card! In order to do this, you will need to come up with some pictures that you can scan on your computer. If you are a parent, you may want to choose pictures that show great moments with your kids. If you are helping your child create one for a friend or relative, help them locate pictures that display special moments between them.

Once you have scanned and saved the pictures on your computer, you will want to find a song online that is special to show the receiver how much you mean to them. You can choose from fun and exciting songs like:

“Be My Valentine” by Jack Hartmann

“V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E” by Ron Brown

You can purchase the downloaded versions of these songs at “Songs for Teaching” at .

Once you have a song, you can simply open up “Windows Movie Maker” on most versions of Microsoft Windows and open the file where the pictures are located to add them. Once this is completed, you can add the music you have chosen in the “audio” section. A number of special effects, title options, and credits can be chosen. You can then get a blank DVD case and design a cute little Valentine’s Day card as the cover.

This is a personalized Valentine’s Day gift for a kid that will be cherished for many, many years! This also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for adults as well!

As you can see, there are many creative and great Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that can be made from the comfort of your home. The gift choices mentioned here will be more valuable to the child that receives them than candy, stuffed animals, or standard store bought gifts, and can be enjoyed for a long time!

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