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Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Valentines Day activities for your kids: Are you are in the process of gathering ideas? We are glad you stopped by at More4ids. Here are a number of fun and exciting valentines day party and activities for your child.

little boy playing cupid on valentines dayMost children love celebrating Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of excitement that occurs during this holiday. Children get to enjoy various crafts, social gatherings, and, of course, indulging in lots of sweet treats! If you are in the process of gathering ideas for Valentine’s Day activities for kids, you have stopped at the right spot! Here, you will be introduced to a number of fun and exciting activities for your child.

Valentine’s Day Party

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a party! There are many different things that can be done to make a party for this particular holiday fun and exciting for kids. The key to a successful Valentine’s Day party is interaction! Make sure that there are plenty of games and activities that the kids can participate in! Detailed below are some great ideas that you can implement at the Valentine’s Day party that will be throwing!

Musical Hearts

Musical hearts works on the same concept as musical chairs, only a tad bit different. There are many different ways that you can do this. The most simple way is to purchase red and pink poster board, and gather up enough chairs for all of your guests. You will then trace and cut out hearts that are appropriate to the size of the backs of the chairs that you will be using. Simply tape the hearts on the chairs, and gather up your most festive Valentine’s Day party music! Children will walk around the chairs, and when the music stops, they will sit as quickly as they can in the chair. You should remove a chair periodically and continue to play and stop the music. The person who fails to sit in a chair is “out”.

Heart Guessing Game
This game is a very simple one. When the Valentine’s Day Party starts, each guest should be encouraged to guess how many hearts are in a container that you have filled with candy hearts. Towards the end of the party, you should take the responses and see who guessed correctly. That individual, of course, will win the container of the candy hearts. If you want to make it even more fun, you should create a second and third place winner slot. The second place winner could win a box of chocolate candy, and the third place winner could win a little grab bag of candy presorted by you in a festive bag.

Valentine’s Toss

This is a simple game that works on the same notion of a basic bean bag toss game. You will want to create a very large heart out of poster board and tape it to the floor. You should then create different size hearts to place over that heart. The big heart could be worth, say, ten points. The heart inside of that heart could be worth twenty five points. The heart inside of that could be worth fifty points. The next would be seventy five points, and then the small heart in the center could be worth one hundred points. You can allow each guest to toss a stuffed heart pillow into the play area. After, say, three turns, you can choose the winner based on the individual who acquired the most points on the Valentine’s toss. This winner could be given a stuffed, plush animal as a prize, or even candy!

Pin the Arrow on the Heart
This is the Valentine’s Day version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. In this game, you will need to place a large heart or Valentine’s Day door decoration on the door or a wall. You should pinpoint the area in which the guests have to pin the “arrow” on the heart. You may choose to mark this area with a dry erase marker. Guests are given an “arrow” that can be created using basic construction paper with a piece of masking tape on the back. They will then be blindfolded and spun slowly at least three times. The spinning should stop as they are facing the area that they are to go. Now, the person should attempt to pin the arrow on the heart in the area that was marked. The winner can receive a small gift. Valentine’s Day party favors and candies are a great gift choice for this game!

Win, Lose, or LOVE!
This is a great game that many adults will get a kick out of. However, if the rules are explained and the kids take part, they will love it too. It is based on the popular television show called “Win, Lose, or Draw”. In this game, simply have a set of dry erase markers and a dry erase board on a wall. Create little strips of paper that have Valentine’s Day themes and other themes on them. One could be “cupid”, one could be “broken arrow”, one could be “fairy tale”, and then you place these papers in a cup. Form two teams – maybe boys and girls. One person from the team draws a paper. It may say “chocolate candy”. That person must draw on the dry erase board a piece of chocolate candy, or whatever can indicate to the viewers what it is. The person who calls out the right answer, wins. At the end of the game, tally marks of the teams are added to declare winners.

There are many different Valentine’s Day activities available for kids. It is important to remember that any basic game and activity with a Valentine twist can make for great games and activities during this special holiday. Remember that crafts are also a lot of fun for many kids and adults alike. These make great activities to implement. You may create Valentine’s Day cards, candy baskets, or even make homemade cookies that look like hearts! If you need to purchase supplies for your Valentine’s Day activities and party, you should visit Oriental Trading online. There are a number of fun and exciting party favors, supplies, and decorations that you can choose from.

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