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Many of us, myself included live very hectic lives. Part of parenting is spending time with out kids. While we may due our best to spend quality time with our kids, how often do we spend a whole quality day with them?

spending time simply enjoying being a familyAll of us like to feel special and loved. Our kids are no exception. Many of us, myself included live very hectic lives. While we may due our best to spend quality time with our kids, how often do we spend a whole quality day with them? We have mothers day, family day, one idea is to set aside time each month for each child to have their own special “Kid Day”. While we do spend time with out kids, a "Kids Day" helps us to really get close and bond even more with our children. Face it, It is hard for some families to do things together, with everyone running in so many different directions between work, sports, school and other activities. I know it is in my family. It’s good to just slow down and take time to be a family.

First off, try finding a calendar with large squares for writing and fill in everyone’s schedule. Once you know what days are available, set aside one day for each child. Then you have to decide what sorts of activities everyone wants to do. If budget, or even time, is an issue it would be a good idea for everyone to suggest what they would like to do. Next, make a list and then the parents can select the ones that will be realistic choices. Once you have a list of ideas, such as maybe trips to the zoo, swimming, fishing, a picnic, etc. the children can select what they want to do on their day and add it to the calendar.

Another idea you can try is to have a “parent-kid date”. This is where each child do something special with one parent or the other. Parents take turns every other month going on the date. The other parent stays home with any other children. The family members who stay home can have fun, too, with maybe a movie night or something. It might be a good idea to have the parent-kid date during the child’s birthday month to make it extra special. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, even something as simple as going to get an ice cream cone after dinner. The one on one time with the parent, without interruption from siblings or another parent, is sometimes all the child needs to feel special.

Each month will be different, with either family outings or the dates. Maybe another way to keep it interesting is to have all the requested activities on slips of paper and draw one, so everyone will be surprised. If doing one thing per child each month isn’t possible, let each child take turns making the choice once a month. Some families find it hard to even sit down for one meal a day together, let alone several activities a month around busy schedules.

It might also be a good time to look at the family’s activities and see if there are any things that could be removed from the schedule to allow more family time. In today’s world, there can be such a push for kids to be involved in everything that they don’t have time to just be kids. Keeping the lines of communication open, starting when the kids are younger, will only help strengthen the family as they get older.

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