You Are Your Child’s Hero

The next time you gaze into your eager toddler’s eyes, think about this: You are your child’s hero. Parenting carries some heavy responsibilities. However, do not be intimidated, but encouraged to take advantage of this while your kids are young...
by Mamma G
girl with hat and scarf trying to look like mommyParenting carries some heavy responsibilities. The next time you gaze into your eager toddler’s eyes, think about this: You are your child’s hero. 
Good or bad, they look up to you as their equivalent of Superman or Wonder Woman. 
If that sounds like an awesome responsibility, you’re right.   But my point is not to intimidate you; but to encourage you to realize that as the parent of a small child, you’d best take advantage of this grand image now, while they are young. 
Trust me; no teenager on the planet is capable of looking at their parents as heroes. That’s obvious to anyone who’s ever been within earshot of a teen.
But a toddler…AH! That’s a different story.
Tiny children are completely blown away by your brilliance and competence. Not that you actually have to be amazingly competent, you understand. In their eyes, the mere fact that you can drive the car and reach the top shelf makes you pretty darn incredible.
You’re smart enough to know that the tall thing against the wall is called a ladder. Why, you’re mighty enough to pick it up and haul it away! The same ladder towers over them like Mt. Everest.
Not only that, but you’re capable of concocting that sweet gooey mush they adore for breakfast.  Their cooking repertoire has barely advanced to the eating dirt stage. 
You operate the car and know how to flush the potty.
“Darn, where did my mom learn all this neat stuff?” I could see the sweet, naïve and sincere amazement in my daughter’s eyes.  
She didn’t need to know that my amazing deeds were Adult 101. (Not always that advanced.)
She just needed to know that her hero was going to show up if she was ever tied down to the railroad tracks. Or at least know that I was willing to whip together some instant oatmeal if her tummy growled.
Being aware of the natural tendency for small children to look up to their parents helps you cultivate it. Build that bank account now! Once they become teenagers their hero worship is bound to plummet to reality.   But gee, it was good while it lasted. 

Mamma G. is the very contented mother of a wonderful 20-year-old daughter.  The two share an extraordinarily close relationship based on trust and honesty. Based on her own painful recovery from a troubled childhood, Mamma G. developed a unique parenting style that fosters a warm loving environment and intellectual curiosity. 
In addition to being a mom, Mamma G. worked as a high school teacher. This experience helped her see the trouble many kids go through and she worked hard to help her students adjust to life. 

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A Parents perspective. Articles and Content created by Parents for Parents.

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