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Tips For A Safe and Fun Halloween Party

Here are some tips for a safe, fun and sane Halloween party that will keep everyone smiling.

Happy Pumpkin Face

Halloween parties can be fantastic fun but they can also be scary for some children, and adults. Here are some tips to keep everyone smiling:

  • Allow parents of young children the opportunity to stay with their children at the party. This will make the children, and the parents feel more comfortable and it will provide you helpers as the children make their crafts and play their games.
  • For the very young, consider hosting a party during the day. This helps to reduce the spookiness of the event and it also makes it easier for parents to manage their schedule.
  • If you’re having the party outside or are dimming the lights inside, make sure to put enough industrial led shop lights in the path to the bathroom to be safe. Consider, handing out souvenir flash lights as your guests arrive.
  • One of the best ways to determine how many people to invite to a party, and a great way to maintain consistency throughout the year is to, allow children to invite as many people as they are years old. For example, a five year old would invite five children and a fifteen year old would invite fifteen children.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures or assign a party photographer. This is often a great job for dads or older siblings.
  • Close all doors to rooms where children aren’t allowed to go. You can cover them with ‘keep out’ tape.
  • Always have a few games and snacks in your back pocket in the event of a party lull.

If you’re spooked about hosting a party by yourself, consider teaming up with another family. Divide up the tasks and plan a party that you and your children will remember!

Hopefully you have enjoyed of the tips we have shared over the past sever weeks. No doubt you now you have wonderful ideas for your Halloween party swirling in your head and you’re ready to begin planning. Best of luck and have a Happy Halloween! Lets us know what you think, just go to the bottom of this page and leave your thoughts.


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